Gosselin describes the big breakup

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by erod, Mar 16, 2014.

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    Very true.
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    Jay Novachek has said many of times that the players wouldn't of been able to take another year of Jimmy.

    I'm sure Jerry is to blame for that as well.

    Mike Fisher has the accurate account of the Jerry-Jimmy fall out.
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    He has to be because -- unbelievably -- there are still fans who don't think Jones is that big of an impediment to winning or trot out the same "but he really wants to win!" line as if that means something.
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    Because it happened 20 years ago this month, he recapped it.

    For those tired of hearing it, the only way it's going to stop is when the Cowboys become an elite team like they were back then.

    Meanwhile, this is our curse, just like the one the Red Sox had, and Cubs still do.
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    By getting out of the way and allowing a real football man to do what they do. Build teams and win. Your continued defense of Jerry reminds me of a poster here many years ago who had the same things to say about Jimmy.

    He argued with everyone that Jerry was the eye of the storm and jimmy was just the coach.

    Ask Alexander about him. How he steadfastly maintained his Jerry bunker to protect the man left standing after the music died.

    No one liked this guy. They still don't.

    I know this for a fact.

    It was me, Snap.

    But even a monumental dumb arse such as myself can wake up one day and understand this team is where it is because of the ego of one man who thinks the players are the only reason a team wins. A man that was alcohol fueled and talking himself into getting rid of Jimmy so he could take the credit.

    Credit he ceded reluctantly to Jimmy at first because Jerry is the only thing in Jerry's universe that matters.

    This team will be what it is. A middle of the road franchise that has lost its luster because of a man so self absorbed that he cannot see a union between him and a coach who understands winning is still glory for him.

    He has to have people say he knows the game and is a football guy.

    He owns a team and that makes him a football team owner.

    It does not mean in his tenure as the owner he understands one whit about building a franchise.

    I wish I could say the words that would relive you of this desire to continue defending him to people who have come to the knowledge he is why the team loses. Not for me, but for you.

    Snap, Jimmy was an egotist, to be sure.

    But you have to ask yourself this.

    If left alone by the GM, what would the future have been with this team?

    Had not the GM interfered and said something that caused the break-up, what would the years from 94 - 98 been like?

    And in that nugget - because we have seen what reality is - you have your answer about Jerry. Even Troy agrees. And he knows more than the collective football knowledge of this entire board, and all other Cowboy boards combined.

    To paraphrase Pee Wee Herman, "Troy doesn't have to see the movie. He lived it."
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    I give him credit as an owner, in that situation. He hired Jimmy and let him run the team. He signed the checks. That is how it should be.
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    And football players rarely know what is good for them. You see it over and over again. Our players were turning cartwheels when Parcells left and Phillips came to down.
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    Every year we don't win a playoff game....The legend of Jerry's ineptness grows. He is too stubborn to look into the mirror and realize he will never accomplish greatness on his own. In a sick sort of way.....It's almost comical now. Too see how long this ineptitude will last. Another 5-10 years? Really...How long will it take for Jerry Jones to realize he just doesn't have what it takes to put together a winning organization?
  9. Alexander

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    Theres one major hole in the assumption that Jimmy would have stayed and ran the Cowboys after 93 that is that he never stayed ANYWHERE in his WHOLE career for more than 5 years and what a coincidence he's fed up with Jerry after 5 years. The business of blaming Jerry for running Jimmy off is founded on a lie. The lie being that Jimmy was gonna stay with the Cowboys. It wasn't gonna happen. He's even said it. All he did was find a way out and make himself look like a victim. He did the same thing in Miami, he left there talking junk about his bosses. Everyone freely admits to Jimmy having this big ego but it's Jerry thats in the wrong for not turning his off. Thats hawgwarsh.

    I'm capable of seeing the crappy job and bad mistakes Jerry has made but thinkin he run a man off that hadn't ever worked anywhere for more than 5 years is BS.
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    He hired his college roommate. Someone he knew very well. It wasn't some real find or anything. He hired his buddy. The same thought process that went into hiring Jimmy also hired Barry.

    I give Jerry no credit whatsoever for those three titles and all the blame for destroying it into the shell of it's former self we see today.

    Fans love to make villains out of figures from rival teams. Coaches and players who have competed against this franchise. You can add them all up and multiply their contributions by 2 and it doesn't amount to half of the damage Jerry has done to this team.
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    Old news........................at this point I really don't care about what happened over 20 years ago.
  13. Risen Star

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    You should. What led to that is what kills this team to this day.
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    You should, it's the reason why this team sucks.
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    The world was flat by all accounts until one day they discovered it was round. Your assumption of what Jimmy did before and what he would do here ignores that things change all the time.
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    The man is nuts
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    This bears repeating.
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    I didn't assume what he did before or after. It's common knowledge. He hasn't stayed anywhere he went for more than 5 years. He went to Miami and had TOTAL control again and quit twice. They had to kiss his butt to get him to come back for a 4th year. He left all these jobs he's had in the same time frame but everyone is supposed to believe that it woulda been different in Dallas if it weren't for Jerry. It's a myth. Jimmy found a Jerry everywhere he went, In Miami it was Marino and at the university of Miami it was Thadeus Foote. Jerry just happened to be in between. The guys a great coach but he's an A-hole.
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    this hurts most...... no matter what your opinion of the two men.

    “I don’t know that we would’ve won more Super Bowls,” Aikman said. “I say that with the understanding and appreciation of how difficult it is to win a Super Bowl.

    “But regardless of that, I strongly believe we would’ve remained competitive for a longer period of time with an opportunity to achieve greatness at the conclusion of each season had Jimmy remained our coach.”

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