News: Gosselin: Dez Bryant is a prima donna WR that just wants the ball thrown up there

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 18, 2012.

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    SportsDay's Rick Gosselin joined Norm Hitzges on KTCK 1310 AM to talk about a handful of local sports topics, including the Dallas Cowboys. Here are some highlights:

    On Dez Bryant's stock at the moment:

    You can't trust him. He wasn't considered by a lot of teams [coming out of the draft] because a lot of little things; nothing criminal. He's just irresponsible and not mature. If you hit, keep him and he grows up, then you may have a great football player. But he just hasn't grown up yet.

    On Bryant's route running:

    He still doesn't know how to run routes. If you look at his biggest plays all season, they came on busted routes when Romo broke the pocket and could freelance a bit. I take it back to the New England game where Tony Romo's first INT was a spot pass. He needed Dez to get to that spot and he didn't. If you can't trust the receiver to run the route and get to the ball, you're not going to throw to him. That's why his best when there's a busted route. He's a primma donna receiver that just wants the ball thrown up there so he can go do that. Well no, you need to run the route first.

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    Goose has been doing a number on us lately.

    I don't pay for their premium stuff but I see he's got something in there that says the Eagles 2011 draft grade improves while the Cowboys' draft stock is down.

    I don't know how that makes sense.
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    Dallas should have " a number done on them"

    the quality of the teams put on the field has been mediocre for some time. Jerruh keeps firing everyone but himself when he is the common denominator.

    I will not buy another ticket until Jerruh gets the structure of the team squared away.

    Still watch and root like crazy on television though, lol.
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    Wow. A WR being a prima dona....go figure.

    Irvin, TO, Chad, Marshall, Desean Jackson, Crabtree etc. etc. etc.

    Move on....Goose.
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    I don't have a problem with any of this. It's pretty accurate. Fortunately, it's stuff he can work on in an offseason. I also think Dez is trying to improve.
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    He needs to get better and better, as all players do, but some of this is getting beyond ridiculous at this point.

    We get it. He's not a Hall of Famer at this point in his career.

    Shame on that ******* for not being a Hall of Fame worthy WR after 2 seasons.
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    Funny Goose brings up a play in the NE game and how Romo can't trust him but yet in 3 critical situations late in the season Romo went to Dez on designed routs to pick up 1st downs and putting us in a situation to attempt game winning FG. But Tony does not trust Dez. :laugh2:
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    The "pile on" train continues...prima donna? Bryant can be considered immature, maybe even a little lazy....but he is NOT a prima donna from what I can see. He seems like a humble guy who is a very unselfish player...he just needs to grow up.
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    I noticed there's a strong correlation between him noticing things wrong with the team and being called an "idiot." Probably just a wacky coincidence.
  10. Outlaw Heroes

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    There's a strong correlation between him making idiotic statements and being called an "idiot". I take no issue with Goose calling Dez immature. It's when he starts making patently false claims to the effect that successful teams don't help themselves in FA, or arcane and quasi-superstitious claims to the effect that Romo is "missing something", that his intellectual failings become apparent and call for comment.
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    That is what I dislike on the reporting. He claims Romo has no trust so he points to 1 play in 1 game. He does not mention that in games later in the season in critical situations Romo goes to Dez to get us in a position to win these games. After a while it just seems like reaching to make their point and avoiding any other facts. So now we will see people take this story and claim that Romo has no trust in Dez based on a reporters view on 1 play in 1 game.
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    There's no question that his "reporting" has been slanted in recent days. Perhaps he would justify that on the basis that these are opinions rather than reports. Why that relieves him of the obligation to be objective and reasonably informed is beyond me.
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    Well, let's see: he's a widely respected columnist and HOF voter who's been covering the game for over 30 years, whereas you're a biased nobody who doesn't react well to dissent. Think I'll stick with Goose. BTW, is he still an "idiot" when he compliments the team? Probably not.
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    I had a feeling he was going to be hurt by the lack of an off season as much as any one on the team heading into this season. He missed most of TC his rookie season, than didnt have an off season this year. I have a feeling we will see a much improved Dez Bryant next season.
  15. Doomsday101

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    So we know for a fact based on Goose, Romo has no trust in Dez. Because that did not seem to be the case in later games.

    No doubt Goose will have write ups some are critical and some that are flattering that is his job. Do I take everything he writes good or bad as the full truth or the truth as Goose see it?
  16. Outlaw Heroes

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    Believe me, bb, nobody doubts which side you're on. And you needn't pretend that you're relying on his credentials in choosing sides. You've yet to encounter a disparaging comment about the Cowboys that you did not whole-heartedly support. I'm quite certain that a poll of our peers on this board would not identify me as the one who is "biased" as between the two of us.

    As for your question: he is an "idiot" whenever his comments are idiotic. We appear to differ in that I make that assessment on a case-by-case basis, having regard to the content of his commentary and the evidence he adduces in support of it, whereas you appear less concerned with whether what he says holds up under scrutiny than you are with whether other reporters think he's a swell guy.
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    Why would he have trust in a bad route runner? With Austin injured, he went to Dez late in games (AZ, Wash) because he had no other choice.

    I just want his weasily critics to be consistent. If he's an "idiot," then they should take his positive views with a grain of salt as well.
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    with Dez is that he's like the young bull in the old parable..

    One day a big bull and his offspring were passing time at the top of a hill. The off-spring all of the sudden raised his head, saw a herd of cows at the bottom, quickly turn to his father and said: " Dad, let's run down there and do one of them cows ". The father calmly looked at his son and replied: " No, son. Let's walk down there and do them all ".

    Dez is a big picture guy and he's willing to work for it, but doesn't realize that the the big picture is made up of little details that must be taken care of.

    Ps: Y'all farmers in here keep quiet.. it's a parable, not real life :laugh2:
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    Right now Dez is the hot topic. He's selling "copy". This article is more to do about that, than Dez the route runner.

    You are exactly right about the route running/trust part but that goes against the negative Dez "pub" that's so hot right now and so it would sell much less "copy".
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    He had Robinson and his favorite target as well in Witten. Fact is Romo in some critical situation went to Dez you can throw that off to the side if you choose but Goose is using 1 play in 1 game and that is fact any other fact becomes well Austin was hurt.

    I want reporters to be consistent to look at an entire picture good and bad. Often if the article is a hit piece they will not spend time looking at any positives. It is part of the job that they have.

    I don't hate Goose but like many reporters I don't take their view as some complete commentary as 100% fact. Just as I don't take everything Troy Aikman says as fact or JJT as all fact when doing a commentary.

    Commentary and news reporting is not the same thing

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