News: Gosselin: Don't be surprised if former Cowboys coach Tony Sparano returns

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Risen Star

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    What are the chances that Tony Sparano will join this staff?

    Old Cowboys coaches have a way of drifting back here. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tony Sparano come back. Todd Haley, Mike Zimmer and maybe even Norv Turner or a Dave Wannstedt might be names to keep an eye on as well.

    Why is our defensive so horrible? Is it talent or the DC?

    I think the Cowboys need to add two ends, two linebackers, two corners and a safety in the next year. With that checklist, I'd say it's more a lack of talent than a lack of coaching.

  2. TheDallasDon

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    I say we bring em all in and build on all-star coaching staff.........cuz u know Garrett would love 2 share the glory with all them
  3. Cowboys22

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    I thought there were reports that Garrett and Sparano did not get along particularly well? Now I could surely see Haley, Turner, Zimmer, or Wannstedt returning. Maybe even several of them.
  4. DBOY3141

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    So basically he is saying we need a complete new defense. No way you can add that many pieces in one year, unless of course it's Madden.
  5. TheDallasDon

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    Yea that's not gonna happen, but we need to get C.Campbell and maybe A.Brooks in FA. Then draft mostly defensive players come April.
  6. Oh_Canada

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    They need another pass rusher, beast in the middle to keep blockers off Lee etc, move Rat to end and add a cb and backup lb (veteran) on the cheap. They don't need two of each....that's ridiculous.
  7. BraveHeartFan

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    April draft is definately going to be mainly defense. I have no doubt about this.

    Probably all defense with the exception of an interior O-lineman.

    I think the Cowboys will resign Robinson and might look to add a interior O-Lineman from FA and then go pretty much all defense in the draft.

    I don't know why but that's just how I see it playing out right now.
  8. Marktui

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    How much money is JJ willing to throw at this defense? I think he sees that Romo and offense are on the right track if healthy. He might make a big push if we don't make the playoffs or lose in the first round. Hopefully he will learn that he cannot rest on this team as far as upgrading talent in the off season.
  9. joseephuss

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    Why would anyone want Haley? The guy is a pain to work with and has proven that over time.

    Would Zimmer want to make a lateral move? I guess they could bump his title to assistant head coach, but it really doesn't mean that much. I like Zimmer. Always have, but most around here hated the guy.

    Wannstedt as DC? I don't think that would happen.
  10. dboy214

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    you guys are underestimating the lack of talent on defense.

    i trust goose more than almost anyone in the media when it comes to talent evaluation.
  11. Dallas

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    Why don't we move this club to Philthy and bring the Birds here...we could even give them the Dallas uniforms if they give the departing Cowboys the old Philly Jerseys.

    Just think of it...if we did that...

    Goose would finally like the Dallas Cowboys.

    Love how he just casually says we should replace the entire defense.

    Guy is a phony. I have technical writers under me w/ more ability and story than this chump.

    Never did like Gooselin....Never has been a good solid reporter covering this team.

    So so w/ the draft...thas about it. Maybe retire and write a draft report 1x a year.
  12. Randy White

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    Norv ? Yes.. Sparano ? Yes.. Onestash ? I'd love to, but I'd worried about having too many ex-HC's on a staff with Jason at this particular period of time. There needs to be one voice on the staff and everybody else, while having opinions that needs and deserves to be listened to, must follow that voice. Now, once a person has been in charge, especially for a long period of time, that person's attitude changes, even if just a little. The transition from being in charge to underling is never easy and at times quite difficult for a lot of people, more so when the person who outranks you used to work for you.

    In a perfect world, all this not so great headcoaches but wonderful coordinators/position coaches would fall in line behind Jason and don't let their egos get in the way, but.. it is not a perfect world. I'd be thrilled if that happens, but most of all, if it's going to happen, Jason MUST BE very comfortable with every single one of those hirings, even the ones that I " lust " after ( Norv and Sparano ).. If there are doubts or hesitation on Jason's behalf, then the Cowboys can't take that step(s).
  13. Randy White

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    Not to mention that the current WR coach, Robinson, is 10 times the coach he is.
  14. burmafrd

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    you do realize that goose only regurgitates what he hears; he is unable to analyze anything himself. He has proven that over the years; his top 100 comes from GMs and coaches; but how they actually perform is something else.

    Frankly goose could not analyze a open book.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    Agree! Goose has sucked for years now, and his draft stuff isn't nearly what people make it out to be. He does a nice mock, and that's it! He's always been a flavor of the week guy. "I wouldn't be surprised to see" Sparano, Haley, Zimmer, Turner, or Wannstedt come in here. Way to go out on a limb there Goose...that's some hard hitting reporting. I'll wait for your mock before checking back in with ya.
  16. Cowboy06

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    Just asking, but didn't Joe Gibbs have a few former head coaches on the 1991 staff that won the superbowl? I think it can work, but only for successful coaches. I wouldn't want Campo, I swear I don't hate the man, don't know him to hate him, but he never seems to do well as a head coach, coordinator or even position coach for more than one season at a time.
  17. FuzzyLumpkins

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    You can definitely see Dez's game develop and Robinson's fusion into our offense has been nothing short of spectacular. You cannot cure stupid so he get on Otree as far as i am concerned.

    Coach Robinson has done well with the shortened time hes had here. That being said, Garrett's 'right kind of guys' mantra probably means coaches too and I have a feeling we may see more of his guys.

    I don't mind Rob Ryan but I would love to see Nolan come in over the offseason.
  18. CoCo

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    My feeling as well.

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