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    Rick Gosselin's NFL draft rankings

    (Updated April 7, 2006)

    Top 10 at each position (except center and inside linebacker):


    Player School

    1. Matt Leinart Southern California
    2. Jay Cutler Vanderbilt
    3. Vince Young Texas
    4. Brodie Croyle Alabama
    5. Kellen Clemens Oregon
    6. Charlie Whitehurst Clemson
    7. Darrell Hackney Alabama-Birmingham
    8. Bruce Gradkowski Toledo
    9. Travaris Jackson Alabama State
    10. Bruce Eugene Grambling State


    Player School

    1. Reggie Bush Southern California
    2. D'Angelo Williams Memphis
    3. Laurence Maroney Minnesota
    4. LenDale White Southern California
    5. Joseph Addai LSU
    6. Maurice Drew UCLA
    7. Jerious Norwood Mississippi State
    8. Jerome Harrison Washington State
    9. Brian Calhoun Wisconsin
    10. Leon Washington Florida State


    Player School

    1. Santontio Holmes Ohio State
    2. Chad Jackson Florida
    3. Sinorice Moss Miami
    4. Greg Jennings Western Michigan
    5. Derek Hagan Arizona State
    6. Demetrius Williams Oregon
    7. Maurice Stovall Notre Dame
    8. Travis Wilson Oklahoma
    9. Jason Avant Michigan
    10. Brandon Williams Wisconsin


    Player School

    1. Vernon Davis Maryland
    2. Marcedes Lewis UCLA
    3. Anthony Fasano Notre Dame
    4. Leonard Pope Georgia
    5. Joe Klopfenstein Colorado
    6. Tony Scheffler Western Michigan
    7. T.J. Williams North Carolina State
    8. David Thomas Texas
    9. Dominique Byrd Southern California
    10. Owen Daniels Wisconsin


    Player School

    1. D'Brickashaw Ferguson Virginia
    2. Winston Justice Southern California
    3. Marcus McNeill Auburn
    4. Eric Winston Miami
    5. Rashad Butler Miami
    6. Andrew Whitworth LSU
    7. Ryan O'Callaghan California
    8. Daryn Colledge Boise State
    9. Jonathan Scott Texas
    10. Jeremy Trueblood Boston College


    Player School

    1. Davin Joseph Oklahoma
    2. Max Jean-Gilles Georgia
    3. Charles Spencer Pittsburgh
    4. Taitusi Lutui Southern California
    5. Fred Matua Southern California
    6. Rob Sims Ohio State
    7. Will Montgomery Virginia Tech
    8. Mark Setterstrom Minnesota
    9. Jason Spitz Louisville
    10. Jahri Evans Bloomsburg State


    Player School

    1. Nick Mangold Ohio State
    2. Chris Chester Oklahoma
    3. Marvin Philip California
    4. Ryan Cook New Mexico
    5. Greg Eslinger Minnesota


    Player School

    1. Mario Williams North Carolina State
    2. Tamba Hali Penn State
    3. Manny Lawson North Carolina State
    4. Kamerion Wimbley Florida State
    5. Mathias Kiwanuka Boston College
    6. Darryl Tapp Virginia Tech
    7. Frostee Rucker Southern California
    8. Chris Gocong Cal Poly
    9. Victor Adeyanju Indiana
    10. Mark Anderson Alabama


    Player School

    1. Brodrick Bunkley Florida State
    2. Haloti Ngata Oregon
    3. John McCargo North Carolina State
    4. Claude Wroten LSU
    5. Gabe Watson Michigan
    6. Kyle Williams LSU
    7. Babatunde Oshinowo Stanford
    8. Dusty Dvoracek Oklahoma
    9. Jonathan Lewis Virginia Tech
    10. Rodrique Wright Texas


    Player School

    1. A.J. Hawk Ohio State
    2. Ernie Sims Florida State
    3. Chad Greenway Iowa
    4. Demeco Ryans Alabama
    5. Bobby Carpenter Ohio State
    6. Thomas Howard UTEP
    7. Roger McIntosh Miami
    8. Clint Ingram Oklahoma
    9. Jon Alston Stanford
    10. James Anderson Virginia Tech


    Player School

    1. D'Qwell Jackson Maryland
    2. Abdul Hodge Iowa
    3. Gerris Wilkinson Georgia Tech
    4. Leon Williams Miami
    5. Anthony Schlegel Ohio State


    Player School

    1. Michael Huff Texas
    2. Jimmy Williams Virginia Tech
    3. Jonathan Joseph South Carolina
    4. Kelly Jennings Miami
    5. Jason Allen Tennessee
    6. Antonio Cromartie Florida State
    7. Tye Hill Clemson
    8. Richard Marshall Fresno State
    9. Ashton Youboty Ohio State
    10. Cedric Griffin Texas

    SAFETY ​

    Player School

    1. Donte Whitner Ohio State
    2. Daniel Bullocks Nebraska
    3. Ko Simpson South Carolina
    4. Anthony Smith Syracuse
    5. Bernard Pollard Purdue
    6. Pat Watkins Florida State
    7. Eric Smith Michigan State
    8. Calvin Lowry Penn State
    9. Darnell Bing Southern California
    10. Roman Harper Alabama


    Player School

    1. Willie Reid (KR) Florida State
    2. Skyler Green (KR) LSU
    3. Nick Huston (K) Ohio State
    4. Ryan Plackemeyer (P) Wake Forest
    5. John Stelly (P) Louisiana-Monroe
    6. Stephen Gostkowski (K) Memphis
    7. Jeremy Bloom (KR) Colorado
    8. Boone Stutz (DS) Texas A&M
    9. Steve Weatherford (P) Illinois
    10. Courtland Finnegan (KR) Samford
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    I thought this was already posted?? :confused:
  3. vicjagger

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    Hmmmm. Tamba Hali rated above Manny Lawson and no back-lash yet?

    You're all a bunch of Gosselin homers!
  4. Future

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    i like the way this is done without judging each ranking

    easy to read and follow, nice read
  5. Tricky-22

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    If this is true, then we could wait and get Carpenter in the second.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    IMHO that is the gamble in this draft for the Cowboys. Do we trade down to still get our man and if so, how far are we willing to go? If we could move down 7-8 spots and pick up a mid to late 3rd that would be great. Carpenter would probably still be there and we get another good player on the first day. :D
  7. Wood

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    Kiper keeps having us going after Jason Allen but this raking fairly puts him where he belongs #5.

    5. Jason Allen Tennessee
  8. theogt

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    What? He's always been rated above Lawson. He's a true DE. Lawson is an undersized DE.
  9. theogt

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    That's because he's ranked #5 among CBs. If he placed him among S then he would be at least in the top 3.
  10. Bluefin

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    It's always a safe bet that Jerry will be looking to move down and add a pick or two when selecting in the mid to late first round.

    If Carpenter is our target, we could well trade out of the first round altogether, IMO.

    If another team sees a player they want dearly and is willing to dance.
  11. DragonCowboy

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    Ernie Sims and Chad Greenway over Bobby Carpenter?

    People everywhere on this board have been saying that Greenway sucks, and now nobody is saying anything about it.

    Could this be bc Bobby was injured? Is that why he's ranked so low among OLBs?
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Sims is undersized to me. Greenway has mixed reviews. Carpenter would make a great selection.
  13. theogt

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    It's all just opinion. There's no clear answer as to which is the best prospect. I thought it was strange that he ranked him #5, but hey, maybe he's on to something most everyone else isn't.
  14. junk

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    Ernie Sims is a good LB. I just don't think he has the size to be a 3-4 linebacker.

    I like Carpenter a lot more as a 3-4 backer. I think Greenway is overrated, but if I needed another Derrick Brooks in a Tampa Cover 2 type scheme, I'd give more consideration to Greenway than Carpenter.

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