Gosselin on Irvin Snub

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by BlueStar22, Feb 6, 2006.

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    I did't see a thread on this but he was on GAC today and he said that Irvin's latest run-in with Plano Police had nothing to do with Irvin not getting in this year. He said that Irvin didn't make it past the final 10 because of the sheer strength of this year's class. He said that Madden and Wright had to get in this year as this was Wright's last opportunity. Gosselin went on to say that he sees Irvin getting in next year. If not for this being such a strong class, he would've made it.

    For you Warren Moon haters, he said Moon was voted in because he was a pioneer.
  2. Nors

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    Doug Williams was a pioneer. Moon ran chuck and duck offense's into the hall.
  3. rcaldw

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    On this one, Nors, we agree COMPLETELY.
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    ...rag on Moon. From a numbers stand point and length of career he has had an incredible resume. Alot of it accomplished in the NFL which is the same for all QBs in terms of field width and number of defenders on the field.

    I don't think he has to apologize to you or anyone for the fact that opposing defenders could not stop him from throwing so many yards or TDs.

    When lined up against some of the other QBs you can easily argue he deserves to be there. When you add into the equation his banishment to the CFL before finally getting a shot at the league that once rejected him his accomplishments become even more amazing.

    You want to pick on anyone in the Hall look at Stallworth and Swann.

    As for Williams he was the first black QB to win the SuperBowl and first to be drafted in the first round, but not there were other firsts.

    Fritz Pollard who is in the Hall started the at QB position in 1923 and took them to the championship.

    James Harris took the Rams to the 74' NFC Championship.
  5. TheHustler

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    That is good to hear.
  6. Encore

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    Warren Moon's NO Superbowls were enough to get him in.
  7. DLK150

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    If Dan Fouts can ride Air Coryell into the Hall, Moon can run and shoot his way in.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    I'm not a Moon hater, but I said this was probably why Moon got inducted
  9. speedkilz88

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    Didn't Goselin claim last year that Irvin didn't get in then because their were those that didn't think he was a first ballot guy and that he would get in this year with Aikman?
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    I agree. Moon should not have made it cuz of his skin color anyway. The best FOOTBALL players should be in the HoF... black, white, or other should have nothing to do with it.

    Moon's numbers are impressive, but I grew up watching him. He wasn't a hall of fame caliber QB.
  11. Bledsoe4MVP

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    Irvin didn't get in these last few years because of his off the field issues...plain and simple.

    Will he get in the HOF someday...ABSOLUTELY, he was one of the greatest receivers to play the game and can't be denied just because he's not a quality human being off the field. :mad:
  12. Bob Sacamano

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    who said Irvin isn't a quality person off the field? does he make mistakes? yeah, but is he a bad person? most definitly no
  13. ravidubey

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    IMHO Warren Moon is a no-brainer for the HOF. 5 straight Grey Cups in Canada (you joke, but that's not easy for anyone to do) and then lighting it up in Houston before the damned run-and-shoot offense was put in in 1990. He goes to Minnesota and tears it up some more (4000+ yards in each season before getting injured), and kicks butt again in Seattle tossing 22 TDs to Joey Galloway in two seasons. He ended his career as a backup in KC. His stats: 3,988 completions for 49,325 yards (the fourth-highest in NFL history), 291 touchdown passes (if you add in his Canada stats we're talking 5,357 completions for 70,613 yards and 435 touchdowns)-- forget his status as a pioneer for African American QB's and his charitable work off the field; WM makes it in on sheer football merit. Anyone who can't see that is drunk, ignorant, or ridiculously stubborn with silver and royal blue contact lenses stuck on.
  14. Bledsoe4MVP

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    Actually your right...I don't know the guy personally, and I do enjoy his commentary and analyst work. I was of course referring to the reocurring drug problems that have unfortunately plagued Mike throughout his career, especially the most recent arrest. And these are the exact things that biased HOF commitee members would scrutinize.
  15. Bob Sacamano

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    understandable, but having a problem with drugs doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, just had to throw that out there
  16. tyke1doe

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    Except the fact that the NFL discriminated against black quarterbacks, and that is as much a part of its history as the shot gun or the forward pass.

    If taken in that context, I can understand why Moon made it. But he didn't just make it because of his color alone. He, despite his adversity, finished fourth on the all-time passing list behind Marino, Elway and Favre.

    Those all will be Hall of Famers. Moon belongs in the Hall of Fame.
  17. Billy Bullocks

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    Just because he has had problems with drugs doesnt make him a bad person. I hate when people make this generaliztion. Bad decisions do not make you a bad person. He didn't go beating people up, he hurt himself.

    From the way he speaks about his former teammates, he seems like he's probably a great guy off the field.
  18. Bob Sacamano

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    do I hear a reiteration? :D
  19. Bledsoe4MVP

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    Like i told summerisfunner, that came out wrong....I didn't mean that I personally believe that to be the case....but the media and HOF panel is most certainly going to hold it against him and make an example of him.
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    That had my vote!:lmao2:

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