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Grade The Cowboys Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, May 1, 2011.

  1. Verdict

    Verdict Well-Known Member

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    My draft grade as of now is a B.

    I think over time our first rounder must stick and be a top 10 player at his position to be worthy of the pick he was taken. If he is a top 5 player at his position, then the graft grade for him would be an A.

    Our second round pick should be a solid rotational player and play 50% of the snaps this year, or must be an outstanding situational player to merit the pick and/or become a starter by year 2 to merit the selection at the place he was drafted. If he exceeds that, then he would merit an A.

    The Murray pick brings the most potential upside. Murray should be a solid backup, and get get some situational playing time during meaningful points in the game and/or be a factor on special teams to merit making this pick. In the event that he gets significant playing time and or eventually becomes the starter this year or next year, then I think this selection would merit an A.

    In the event that any of the remaining picks contribute in any substantial manner, then the grade for them would be an A.
  2. zrinkill

    zrinkill Diamond surrounded by trash

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  3. UnoDallas

    UnoDallas Benched

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    a solid B would haave been a A

    except the Murray pick. I think we could have gone else where there and gotten better value.
  4. EGG

    EGG Well-Known Member

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    B+ depending on how Demarco works out. If they had used that pick on a DL I would have been happier, but at least they stayed true to their draft board and on a team needing help at nearly every position they couldn't miss filling a "need".

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