Grading Every Dallas Cowboys Starter's 2013 Regular Season by Jonathan Bales

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RS12, Jan 1, 2014.

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    QB Tony Romo: B

    Romo can't be penalized for missing the Cowboys' Week 17 winner-take-all contest with the Eagles because he's always shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to stay on the field. Romo was outstanding in terms of his touchdown-to-interception ratio; he threw 3.1 touchdowns to every pick, which ties the best mark of his career. He really made an obvious effort to protect the football.

    That safety came at the expense of passing efficiency, however, as Romo managed only 7.2 yards per attempt. That's the worst number in Romo's entire career, by a wide margin. That's one reason Romo's 96.7 passer rating, although good, wasn't near the 102.5 rating he posted in 2011.

    I'm not too worried about Romo in 2014 because he's still young enough to be a highly effective quarterback. He played well enough to make the postseason this year; he would have, actually, with even an average defense. As many problems as there are in Dallas, Romo isn't one of them.
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    TE Jason Witten: D+

    I was extremely harsh on Witten in the preseason, projecting the tight end at 88 catches for 880 yards and four touchdowns. I was ridiculed. Witten finished with 73 catches for 851 yards and eight scores.

    It's still going to be highly unpopular, but the truth is that Witten isn't even a league-average tight end at this point. He has decent bulk receiving numbers because he's used on nearly every route much like a No. 1 wide receiver, but his efficiency marks are horrid. Prior to the Cowboys' final game, Witten ranked 17th among tight ends in yards per route run, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required).

    In addition, Witten is now a poor blocker. He rarely wins at the point of attack, and he's not much help when he stays in on pass protection.
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    Witten gets a D+ and Austin a D-? okaaaay

    Smith a B and the rookie Fred a B? Smith was an easy A as was Frederick who impressed me very well.

    And Ware gets a better grade than Witten? Both have slowed down but Witten is still a player.

    This has to be the first troll of the new year, has to be.
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    The strength of the first round of this draft is O Line, particularly tackle. Still say it possible they pick another O Lineman and likely it is the highest ranked player on the board at the time of the pick.
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    This guy is a moron. I am grateful that I have no clue what Bleecher Report is and I plan to keep it that way.
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    good read. I agree with most.
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    Interesting point on Romo's Yards per Attempt being the lowest of his entire career at 7.2.

    That makes sense to me -- watching the games it felt like the downfield passing game has been dramatically scaled back.

    Tony felt the sting of leading the NFL in interceptions last year and effectively traded turnovers for high completion shorter passes and a higher QB rating.
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    Very true- I felt like I was seeing the same thing.
    I actually agree somewhat on Witten's grade too.
    Yes- it was harsh, but he made some good points about efficiency and it's true that his blocking has fallen off.

    I don't know if I would have given him a D+, but maybe more a shaky C.
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    Hard to disagree with much of this, although I think a D+ is a bit harsh. He's average right now. Some think he's still producing at a high level because of the number of receptions, and where that's nice, those receptions don't produce as much as they used to. He did catch 8 TDs, so you have to give him that. But overall, his numbers weren't a whole lot better than Marty's. He doesn't give you much RAC, his yards per catch aren't that high, and he doesn't block well anymore. People say he's Tonys security blanket, but if you look at how we struggled on 3rd down, I don't know if Tony really had one. Love his heart and toughness, but I still say he should be a June 1 cut to free up cap space.
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    I agree, my grades may have been a bit different, but the analysis was solid.
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    Bales is a Moron and BleacherReport is garbage.
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    Don't agree with his grades but pretty spot on with his evaluation. Also I would grade Mo as incomplete as he missed TC and struggled because of that. But he started to play solid football before the Hammy and he played a nice game against the Eagles. I fully expect Mo to have a solid year. He was just a 2nd year guy at the hardest position in the league to play
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    Its true. I am so sick of the offense being forced through Jason Witten. At this point in my opinion he is an average TE who is still thriving alot on reputation. His work ethic might be unmatched, but his skills have diminished greatly.
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    People obviously don't watch Jason Witten. He still has a knack for getting open, has great hands and when uses correctly can still make huge plays. The offense this year focused on short, safe routes but when the team actually attacks, especially down the seam, Witten can still make any defense pay.

    He's gotten up there in age but he still commands respect from defenses. Escobar has the potential to be good and should be more involved but Witten is a HoFer that can still ball. He should start until he proves otherwise.
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    Bleacher report is the National Enquirer of Sports reporting
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    Witten is a C+ not a D.
    Other than that fair is slightly harsh grades.

    Witten is clearly declining but he is a legit starter.

    Analysis harsh but mostly accurate.
    Team was 8-8 so you'd expect a C average amongst starters.
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    Smith isn't an elite LT yet? He allowed 1 freaking sack all season.
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    The real telling portion of this was the author's comment on Witten ranking number 17 on yards per route.

    If Romo was being more secure with the ball and his yards per attempt was lowered, would that not have an adverse effect on Witten?
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    these days, who isn't?:(
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