News: Graziano: Dez says he's playing to make playoffs

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    Dec 14
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    By Dan Graziano |

    Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, who fractured his left index finger in Sunday's victory against Cincinnati, said Friday that the reason he's going to play instead of having surgery on the finger is because the Cowboys still have a chance to reach the playoffs. Per Tim MacMahon:
    "The position that we are in, that makes me want to be out there," said Bryant, who leads the Cowboys with 1,028 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. "If there was anything less than what we got a chance of, I would have went ahead and got surgery."​

    Bryant plans on being in the starting lineup when the 7-6 Cowboys play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon at Cowboys Stadium, although he is officially listed as questionable. He accepts that he'll likely have limited flexibility in that finger for the rest of his life and will have to fight through excruicating pain for the rest of the season.​
    So there you go, Cowboys fans. There have been a lot of reasons, over his three-year career, for you to be disappointed in Bryant. But now he's telling you he's willing to go out there at the risk of long-term injury to his hand in an effort to help this year's team reach the playoffs. It might not be Ronnie Lott sacrificing a piece of his finger so he could play, but you have to be happy Bryant wants this as badly as he does.

    Overall, I have to say, the Cowboys' toughness as a team has been very impressive this season. That came through Sunday, and it comes through in the fact that they've won four of their past five and stand at 7-6 in spite of all of the injuries and other problems they've had this season.

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    Have you noticed that gradually the perception of this year's Cowboys team is beginning to change among the media? From a laughingstock to now a kind of grudging admiration?
    I guess when you have a thousand injuries and are still finding a way to squeak out wins it says something that strikes a chord with people. It's easier to like an over-achieving underdog than an under-achieving "overdog" I guess.
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    From what read, he can still have permanent stiffness even with the surgery. So either way, whether he has the surgery right away or not, he's still at risk for permanent stiffness.
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    the above is from Graziano.

    I've listened to this site complain for sometime about the lack of character, leadership, toughness or whatever from these players. Here's an unbiased observer claiming they're overachieving. But many fans claim there is no evidence of progress and the coach needs to be fired. Interesting contrast.
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    What will surgery do for a fracture?

    Dont a lot of fractures just need time to heal? They are stabilized and then allowed to knit back together I thought.

    It is the bone, so is there some kind of setting that would be done with surgery?
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    He'll be fine... Time to go win some games and get into the playoffs!

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