Graziano: Don't bash Dallas; In defense of offense

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 27, 2013.

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    It's the making-of-the-sausage aspect of the NFL draft that's the problem. If the Dallas Cowboys had begun this offseason with picks 31, 47, 74 and 80 and drafted these same four players, the fans' reaction would have been quite different (though they'd still probably be mad about having lost the Super Bowl). The reason everybody was so upset about the Cowboys' draft 24 hours ago was this trade they made with the San Francisco 49ers in the first round and the idea that they didn't get enough in return for the No. 18 pick.

    But from here? From the tail end of Friday night, with three rounds and four Cowboys picks in the books? To me, it looks as though the Cowboys are having a pretty good draft.

    The first and most important thing they needed to do, above all else, was find offensive line help in the first round, and they did. You might not like Travis Frederick as a first-rounder, but the fact is this draft was weak at the top. And if you're sifting between sub-optimal options, why should you feel compelled to pick the guy other people have agreed to like as opposed to the guy you like? "Trust your board," is every team's pre-draft mantra, and if the Cowboys' board called Frederick their answer, there's nothing wrong with taking him with the 31st pick.
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    Good analysis from a writer I have suspected of being obtuse. But maybe he is not more perceptive than before; maybe I'm less perceptive than before. Anyway, thanks for posting it RS.

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    This thread would be 10+ pages long if the article bashed the cowboys instead of defended them.
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    Jerry sucks and it is impossible for the Cowboys to do anything other than draft poorly.......
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    He is obtuse when he bashes the Cowboys but a "perceptive" when he defends them.
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    I like Graziano.. I find his stuff to be fairly objective towards the Cowboys.

    Fact is he has to cover four teams. So he has to give each some shine and I can't be mad at that.

    Either way, his reasoning for Cowboys first three moves make alot of sense.

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