News: Graziano: Final Word: NFC East: Could Romo get well?

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    By Dan Graziano |

    Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 10:

    Tough times. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles will meet for the 103rd time on Sunday but it'll be just the first meeting since Oct. 28, 1990, in which both teams have sub-.500 records. The 2-4 Eagles beat the 3-4 Cowboys 21-20 that day. Randall Cunningham threw touchdown passes to Anthony Toney and Calvin Williams in that game, and the Eagles held Emmitt Smith to 52 yards on 14 carries. It's the first Cowboys-Eagles game since Dec. 5, 1965, that finds each team at least two games under .500. That day, the 4-7 Cowboys beat the 4-7 Eagles 21-19 as Don Meredith threw for two touchdowns and ran for another and Bob Hayes caught five passes for 106 yards.

    Could Romo get well? Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a league-leading 758 passing yards over the past two weeks. The Eagles have allowed opponents to complete 6 of 8 passes thrown at least 15 yards down the field in the two weeks since the firing of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, according to ESPN Stats & Info's next-level numbers. On the road this year, Romo has a 57.6 completion percentage, 14.7 yards per attempt, five touchdowns and no interceptions on throws of 15 or more yards downfield. What we're trying to get at here is that, if this is the week you see the Cowboys' deep passing game come back, don't be too surprised.


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