News: Graziano: It's time for Jerry Jones to chill out

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    By Dan Graziano |

    There's a reason so many of the NFL's coaching vacancies got filled this week. Next week is Senior Bowl, and it's time to get down to serious business. Coaches from every team will head to Mobile, Ala., to begin an offseason of evaluations. Some of the new ones will hire assistants while there. It is time to move past the speculative phase of the NFL offseason and into the reality of staff and roster construction for 2013.

    Which is why it's time for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to stop with the "people are going to be uncomfortable around here" phase of his offseason. Jones has made his point. He's fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and running backs coach Skip Peete. He's seen special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis leave to take the same job with the Bears. He has made behind-the-scenes noise about bringing in an offensive playcaller to take some responsibility away from head coach Jason Garrett, and there have been reports that he's trying to get Garrett to fire his own brother, who's the team's tight ends coach.

    This is all, in the context of mid-January, perfectly acceptable behavior. The Cowboys have been 8-8 for each of the past two seasons, and changing things on the coaching staff is a fine idea if the idea is to improve and do better in key areas next year and beyond. And if Jones' management style is to make people uncomfortable in order to deliver the message that the status quo is unacceptable, good for him. He wouldn't be the first.

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