News: Graziano: Jerry Jones may be doing Garrett a favor

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    By Dan Graziano |

    So yeah, the news out of Valley Ranch on Tuesday is that Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach Bill Callahan, who also already held the title of offensive coordinator, will take over play-calling responsibilities from head coach Jason Garrett. The Cowboys had tried to keep this decision secret for months, but team owner Jerry Jones let the cat out of the bag when reporters asked him and he told them that Callahan was calling the plays in practice and they should infer their answer from that. Callahan then confirmed the news, saying he was "flattered, encouraged and honored."

    Personally, I think Garrett should welcome this development. Whatever Jones' motivation, real or imagined, the end result here is that the change removes from Garrett's plate something with which he was struggling and should allow him to focus more on the aspects of the head coaching job at which he's proven adept.

    In-game play calling and decision-making simply wasn't working out for Garrett the head coach. The Cowboys took too long to get plays in. They made weird decisions in crunch time. You can argue that this got better as the 2012 season went along, but "better" doesn't mean "solved," and we're working with two and a half seasons' worth of evidence that this is not Garrett's strong suit while he has other coaching responsibilities.

    But if you're going to discuss the aspects of his job with which Garrett has struggled, it's important to also discuss those at which he has exceeded expectations. As a manager of players, a leader of the locker room, a navigator of the emotional highs and lows of an NFL season, Garrett has actually proven to be quite good. On a team that's covered as intensely and in-depth as any in any sport, you never hear players griping on or off the record about the coach. The 2012 Cowboys, until their Week 17 flop in Washington, were the story of a resilient team that held together despite a rough on-field start and some very rough off-field troubles. The coach deserves credit for that.

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    Thanks for bringing the news to us WG!

    I wish, if they didn't already, that Dallas would spend a few k for a good public relations trainer to help them navigate the crazy world of press interviews. They can start with Jerry as he is THE worst in the business about what he says and how that then affects the Dallas Cowboys.

    The first rule he needs to learn is don't speak to hear yourself talk. The second is to know what you're going to say before you say it. The third rule is the more you talk, the more you have to regret saying.

    I use these rules at home and they have served me well when implemented and I have fared not so well when ignored. :)

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