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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CaptainAmerica, Nov 24, 2006.

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    ...I was talking with a long time friend of mine yesterday who is also a Cowboy fan and he mentioned something that I thought was a great analogy to describe Romo's play.

    My friend is a high school basketball coach and he said Romo's play reminds him of a great point guard like Magic Johnson who gets everyone involved and distributes the ball to everyone. I think that is a wonderful comparison to describe what Romo is doing with our offense.

    It is what makes this offense so hard to stop. Romo is doing such a great job of getting everyone on offense involved. It's the reason T.O. can have a 100 yard receiving game and no one hardly notices.
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    Here's a lifestyle observation from the center of the supreme truth and accurate and fair thought for the new millenium or however you spell it.


    The big difference is Romo probably dates one woman at a time, instead of like 20 that Ol' Man Magic did in his heyday.
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    Well put

    Romo is showing he doesn't focus on one guy (that much) and loves to get everyone involved.

    If you're open, ball is coming to you. No favorites

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    I cant think of an analogy....

    Romo just seems to know the pluses and negatives for just about every play and his decision making is second to none right now

    he is very well prepared.... BP is schooling him well
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    Romo has said many times that all he does is look for the guy who is open and get him the ball.

    It's not like Bledsoe who focused on Glenn (remember Bledsoe's last pick?) and tried to get the ball to Owens just to shut him up.

    All the receivers have contributed recently: Glenn, TO, Crayton, Witten. Even Fasano has done something.

    That tells you that Romo has no favorites. He just throws it to the open guy. And that feature makes it a nightmare for defenses to defend.

    That, his mobility and his accuracy makes Romo very dangerous.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    YES AND THAT makes us very DANGEROUS.... almost impossible to defend.
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    Which makes every team we face, focus on the one thing that makes our offense go and that is Romo. We must protect this kid!!! Point blank!!!
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    I agree. Being at the game yesterday, it's clear that Romo isn't big, isn't fast, isn't quick, isn't anything. But he has good vision and a excellent mental grasp of what the defense is trying to do to him. Having a great pre-snap read of what the defense is going to try to do allows him to think more clearly under pressure, because he already has a good idea of who will be open and thus where to go with the ball. That plus good accuracy makes him very tough to stop unless the D makes a great individual play.

    But I think your point guard analogy is right on. Maybe we've found the football equivalent of Steve Nash. :)
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    When you combine Romo's ability with Glenn, TO, Crayton and Wittens ability to get open, well it just seems.....unstoppable.

    Romo's mobility gives the receivers the extra 2 seconds to separate from their defenders that Bledsoe could never provide. And our receivers have been using that time to get open. And Romo gets them the ball.

    It's been our Super Bowl heydays of the 90's the last time I have seen our offense this efficient.

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