Great Cowboys Moments (vids)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by calico, May 2, 2004.

  1. calico

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    He never showed any excitement for a huge play. He sounded like he was going to fall asleep on "The Slant." "Harper breaks away...but they will catch him."

  2. JDSmith

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    Yeah, but at least back then he knew who the players were and could keep track of the down and distance. The last few years were just painful to listen to.
  3. calico

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    The last SB he did was painful.

    "Faulk, back to pass...Faulk....Faulk...Faulk is sacked."

    JD, I wanted to ask you something.

    I noticed that in your vids, you encode in DIVX most of the time. Which programs do you use and would it be worth it for me to encode my vids in DIVX as well?
  4. RoyBiscuit

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    No doubt about it....Irvin was The Man. Period.
  5. Tenkamenin

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    Thats going to get sigged......

  6. JDSmith

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    I just prefer the quality to size ratio with Divx. I find that if I encode a file as mpeg it's got to be bigger than a comparable quality divx file. Generally I do my captures in picvideo because it's virtually lossless and still gives me a 5:1 compression or better. Caps are done with virtual vcr because it interfaces with my capture card well and allows me to capture at 720x480. Cropping, filtering and editing are all done on virtual dub. It's free and has a lot of plugins to filter the footage. Lately I've been using avisynth along with virtual dub because it allows me to use tomsmocomp for deinterlacing and that's the best motion compensation deinterlacer IMO. Anyway, that's all done in picvideo generally. If I'm making a real video I then take all of my clips and put them together using abode premiere and save it all as a final picvideo. Then it's back to virtual dub for my final divx encoding. It seems like a lot of steps when I write it all down, but it's really not bad at all. And if I want to skimp on video quality a bit I can get a really big video into a relatively small file size. When I posted "In their own words:Bill Parcells" that was a 43 minute long video and it was only around 60 megs. Now I sized it down about as far as I could and also used a ton of compression, but it was still watchable. I'm not sure I could match that with mpeg compression, at least not from what I've seen.
  7. ElPanadero

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    I was in huge need of a Cowboy fix. Thanks! Can't you cancel your plans this weekend? Monday seems like such a long ways away.
  8. DallasInDC

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    Thanks calico. Those were great.

    Did anybody notice. how loud the applause was in fed-ex when the Rocket made the catch and scored the TD?? It sounded like it was Texas stadium. :D

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