Great fight Saturday night!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Daniel Synder, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Sports fans are in for what i think will be a treat this saturday. With all the crap pay-per-view boxing HBO has put on lately, saturday nights HW showdown will be free to HBO subscribers. Ridiculous as it is that Briggs/Mercer & Rahman/Barrett is on PPV but this saturday night is on regular cable. strange but this saturday nights fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Sam Peter may not be for a title but who cares. these 2 guys are two of the top in the division and could be the 2 best by next year.

    Wlads story is long and i will not get into it. Lets just say he is an offensive juggernaut that was picked as the hier apparent after Lennox Lewis retired, but was derailed after being violenting KO'd twice in 2 years. He's back and we will find out if his fate is that of Michael Grant, or Lennox Lewis, (Both men were KO'd twice but went in two different directions after the losses) when he faces the African slugger Samuel Peter. We know Sam in the boxing world as the current KO artist of the division. At 6'1" 240 lbs with extremely heavy hands, he has been knocking guys heads off early and often.

    Both men are pure power with big ? behind them. Peter is unproven, Wlad must face his chin issue and his lack of poise against pressure fighters. The winner will surely be lifted to star status and will look to unify the sloppy unorganized division.

    Should be worth fun! don't miss it!

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    If Wlad can keep his cool and not freek out at the pressure Peter will bring I think he win's this fight.

    I'm more excited about Jones\Tarver III and the X\Taylor rematches. I also can't wait to see Hatton back in action.
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    Ray Mercer is still fighting?
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    ya, his old arse is 44 and just got KO'd by Briggs and somehow that puts Briggs "in the HW mix" :rolleyes:

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