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    Hello fellow Cowboy fans! So far, I've really enjoyed this site, which I discovered accidentally earlier this week.

    I live in West Virginia and am 43 years old. I became a Cowboy's fan when I was 6-7 years old after I found a comic book in our church that was titled "Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys". I think that was my first exposure to professional football, though my dad was a fan (Raiders), but don't remember him watching football when I was a kid. Anyway, my younger brother is a huge Steelers fan. When Pittsburgh beat us in those two SBs in the 70's, I remember my brother taunting me and me crying like a little girl. Of course when Dallas repaid the favor in the 90's, I certainly phoned my brother and gave him He told me last week he was buying Steelers jerseys for my daughters for Christmas this year.

    I'm very passionate about football and baseball. I root for the Reds in baseball, and like the Bengals and Chargers a little and the Bears to some small degree. I absolutely loath the 69ers, Eagles, Stealers and Skins...imagine that. That said my fall Mondays are usually good or bad depending on what happened on Sunday.

    Looking forward to joining in the conversations and meeting a few friends.

    How 'bout them Cowboys!!
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    Welcome ---enjoy the variety:)
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    Do you still have the comic book?

    Welcome home.
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    I remember I had a sports related comic book when I grew up. It was about the origin of the Georgia bulldog mascot. My parents got it for me at a yard sale in Georgia when I was a lad.
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    I have that comic book in my Cowboys collection...
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    Thanks for the warm wishes guys! I actually never had possession of that comic book, it was in one of the Sunday School classrooms, and would read it from time to time (discreetly of course). But I can picture it in my minds eye. If I recall correctly, Coach Landry is on the cover (obviously), arms folded and looking down, wearing his trademark hat, with players in action poses behind him??

    Here's another tidbit. I married a girl from Cleveland, Ohio, who's dad was and still is a lifelong season ticket holder for the Brownies. She grew up going to all their games. We've been together for 23 years now, and guess who's her team? Oh, and very often, when out and about, she wears either my Aikman or Romo jersey. She saw the light...lmao.

    Anyone else have any other interesting stories? Not that mine are interesting, but it's nice to share a little fun with fellow Cowboys fans. Again, thanks for the welcomes.
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    welcome! nice to meet you. :D

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