Greg Cosell on Romo and Rodgers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I love this talk every week. Cosell is probably the #1 film guru/analyst out there these days. I think more NFL personnel guys trust this guy. Anyways he talks about Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo being similar in style at the 21 minute mark...yet Rodgers being stronger. Very interesting talk. There isn't a lot of info but gives you some insight into what differences some see. They talk Cowboys/Eagles at about the 40 min mark but its mostly Eagle issues.

    Seems similar but Tony has the turnovers. Rodgers can get away with it sometimes.
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    Romo at times does not get enough credit at all.

    It's easy to critique him. He is the least of our problems at this point.
  3. HoustonFrog

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    My point wasn't to rag Romo. It was to show what a top analyst who studies film year around sees in two players. Obviously he thinks Romo is talented and says they have similar styles. He is just pointing out what Rodgers does better..protect the ball. He also critiques Rodgers also and how he has also been gun shy even within the system.

    I'll say what I've always said on Romo. Great stats. Probably not many pocket passers would survive behind our line. He can make plays. BUT he does still make 10 cent brain mistakes and has cost us games. Double edged sword. I don't think we can do better at this moment and think he does get too harsh a criticism but I also think there is warranted criticism when it comes to how he has played in big games over some years and how some games have gone south fast in some years. There is an inconsistent consistency to his play that boggles at times if that makes sense.
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    I think he was speaking generally about the stuff that goes on here and out in the media.
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    All the problems in this organization and who do the fans on the Internet always nitpick to death and gripe about.


    And then in the next breath they gripe about how dumb and bad our fans are at the stadium.

    I want to cry a little. It's an endless cycle.
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    Take Romo off the team the past five years. Yikes.

    Though Luck or RG3 would be our QB now. Never mind, Jerry would have traded that pick to Denver for Tebow.
  7. Clove

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    And he would be on the most wanted list.
  8. ScipioCowboy

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    You sound like this isn't your first rodeo, Theebs. ;)
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    I agree Cosell is the best in the business and is a big "Romo isnt the problem and makes his god awful line look better than it is" supporter.
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    Not sure I see a strong correlation between Rodgers and Romo other than they are both good QBs.

    Rodgers unique defining characteristic is his crazy low interception percentage. I frankly think it is tied directly to his shockingly high sack percentage. Rodgers refuses to put the ball up for grabs and therefore ends up taking the sack on a lot of plays.

    Interestingly, Rodgers record for 4th quarter come backs and coming back from behind is really bad. Romo's is really good.
  11. Frozen700

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    Was confused when he thought i was attacking him.
  12. burmafrd

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    MOST of his so called mistakes I am willing to bet are at least partially the fault of pressure because of oor lousy O line and stupid WRs.
    Yeah he has definitely made his share; but I bet at least half of his turnovers are not nearly all his fault
  13. HoustonFrog

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    I don't take anything as an attack on this board. It's a fan board.

    Just explaining that it wasn't meant as a dreaded "anti-romo" or "pro-romo" thread. I..and many othrrs...just think Cosell is the best at what he does and it was an interesting talk.
  14. Frozen700

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  15. InmanRoshi

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    Green Bay's bread and butter are back shoulder fades, and they're the default go-to when Rodgers is facing the blitz (which they see a lot, because their OL sucks) . It gets the ball out of the QB's hands quickly and it's virtually impossible to defend when corners are left in man. Rodgers has said that if a corner ever has his back turned to him, he considers the WR open for the back shoulder fade and they make adjustments on the fly.

    It takes a lot of smarts, chemistry and timing between Rodgers and his WRs to have that telekinesis. Green Bay drafts a very smart and talented WR in the 2nd or 3rd round almost every year and grooms them in the system for several years until they know it like the back of their hand. This is a pretty far cry from what Dallas does at the position, where an undrafted free agent talent and repeatedly confirmed dimwit like Kevin Ogletree seemingly can't play his way off the roster after four disappointing years, and it's supposedly asking too much to ask Dez to make correct route adjustments.

    I've long wanted Dallas to abandon their model of putting all of their eggs into two "super studs" who get force fed targets, some spare nickel sub WR, and then a whole lot of nuttin' behind them. I would draft a WR in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round of every draft, run a ton of 4 and even 5 wide sets, put more emphasis on smarts than physical specimens, spread out the defense and allow Tony to pick apart the weakest link in the defense, rather than force feeding. I don't know if Garrett will ever do that tough. It's too far outside his Norv wannabe comfort zone.
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    Romo is part of the problem with our offense and our fans at the stadium are some of the dumbest fans in the whole NFL. How people can deny Romo has had a bad year is beyond me.

    He and Rodgers are NOTHING alike. Rodgers knows how to protect the ball. He gets sacked a lot because he knows his line sucks and so he just protects the ball and plays it safe. Then he burns the other team when he gets his opening. He is a super intelligent QB with a rocket arm. His team has zero running game and an offensive line that is bad if not worse than ours. Rodgers can also run the ball a lot better than Romo.

    Romo doesn't know how to take sacks most of the time. He tries to make something happen that simply isn't there and then just makes the situation worse by fumbling the ball or throwing a pick/pick 6. Meanwhile it is always everyone else's fault but Romo. He doesn't know how to overcome and lead his team. Instead he just pouts and sulks on the sideline with his head down.
  17. jjktkk

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    He won't until he enjoys some playoff success.
  18. Zordon

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    i think some of it is brains, some of it is his physical limitations. his weak arm has cost us a few touchdowns this year.

    that being said, i don't think romo is even close to our main problem.
  19. punchnjudy

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    After listening to it, it sounded like more of a slam on Romo. Called Rodgers a far better talent and essentially just compared their tendencies to take chances.
  20. ufcrules1

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    Our main problem? NOBODY has said he is our main problem. Jerry Jones is clearly our main problem. Here is the list in order....

    1. Jerry Jones

    2. Jason Garrett

    3. Other scrub coaches

    4. Offensive line

    5. Defensive line

    6. Tony Romo being a bone head.

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