Greg Cosell on Romo and Rodgers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Jordy Nelson - 36th Pick in the draft
    Greg Jennings - 52nd Pick in the draft
    Randall Cobb - 64th pick in the draft
    James Jones - 78th pick in the draft
    Donald Driver - Went to 3 Pro Bowls before Rodgers ever took his first snap from center for the Packers the NFL - 14th year
    -- All combined 34 years experience in the Grren Bay System

    Dez Bryant - 24th pick in the draft
    Miles Austin - Undrafted Free Agent
    Kevin Ogletree - Undrafted Free Agent
    Dwayne Harris - 176th pick in the draft
    Cole Beasley - Undrafted Free Agent
    -- All Combined 16 years experience in the Dallas system.

    Hmmm ... wonder why Rodgers is so much more efficient throwing those back shoulder fades and quick hot read slants? Must be because he's stronger. Wonder why he seems to be so much more on page with his WRs and they adjust so much better on the fly? Must be because he's just so much smarter and/or displays better leadership.

    Not saying almost every franchise wouldn't love to have Aaron Rodgers or even that Tony is better than him ...... just saying there might be a reason why Matt Flynn can step in and throw for 480 yards, 6 TDs, and 136 PR in a spot start. Green Bay is a pretty sweet place to play quarterback.
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    This. I have been saying for ages now that Romo would be way better running a version of Walsh WCO that the Air Coryell System. As similar as they are, the philosophy of how to get the job done couldn't be more different. Romomhas NEVER had the cannon arm needed to constantly and consistently throw the deeper routes that are required in the Air Coryell system. But, he's been great at rolling out of the pocket and hitting guys on crossing patterns and the horizontal routes. Amkes me wonder just what a real offensive genius could do for him. Gruden (and Callahan) made Rich Gannon an All-Pro. Just imagine what they could do for Tony..................
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    First off, Greenbay is not QB friendly at all. Their offensive line is worse than ours and they have zero running game just like us.
    Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten have been solid receivers for Romo. Romo not being smart enough to take a sack when he has pressure is nobodies fault but his. Also, Flynn stepped in against a team that had zero defense when he had that great game. It's not the system in GB that makes Aaron an elite QB, it is Aaron that is responsible for that.
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    To what IR said... We definitely need a WR this upcoming draft. Not in the first round, but not in the sixth or seventh, either. People will squawk that Jerry just wants to sell jerseys, but the truth is that Miles is becoming less dependable injury-wise and guys like Harris and Beasley are too small to play outside.
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    Not QB friendly at all? Brett Favre statistically had one of his best years of his career years in 2007, went 13-3 and played in the NFC Championship the year before Aaron Rodgers was handed the job. It's a pretty sweet QB gig, both in scheme and personnel. No one has the depth and firepower at the receiving positions that Green Bay has, and Mike McCarthy was running some of the NFL's best offense well before Aaron Rodgers ever came along.
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    So maybe in 2007 they had a better offensive line and running back?

    Here is the thing. You are saying he has the depth and firepower at the receiver position so he can overcome a horrible offensive line and no running game. Yet Romo has plenty of targets to throw to, but has a bad oline and running game and fails. The biggest difference then must come down to coaching. If we had Mike Mccarthy here Romo would then be elite like Rodgers?

    I can admit our coach sucks bad.. but Romo would be running for his life in Greenbay just like he does here. I have watched Romo and Rodgers extensively and there is simply no comparison. Rodgers has a rocket arm and throws a beautiful pass and usually right on the money or hits his guy in stride. He also absolutely HATES to throw an interception or fumble the ball and he does a tremendous job protecting the ball. In 2011 he had 4600 yards passing, 46 touchdowns, and ONLY 6 picks. And that is with a horrible offensive line and no running game. You can chalk that up to him having better receivers and a better coach, but I chalk it up to him being elite. He makes those receivers better, and he makes that coach look good.
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    I get what you are saying, however, I find it difficult to criticize Tony Romo for not being as good of a QB as Aaron Rodgers who happens to be probably the most talented QB drafted since 1998 (14 years Peyton Manning).

    The Packers have been running the same system for 7 years now under McCarthy and they have carefully and consistently drafted WRs in the 2nd or 3rd round at least every other year to play within that system. That kind of schematic consistency just hasn't existed in Dallas.

    Romo is having an off year -- however, I ultimately chalk much of it up to a bunch JG not having a offensive system of any sort, a bunch of mismatched WRs, no running game, a terrible OL.
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    I'll tell you what... I've never seen a QB in this day throw a pass that well over the WRs back shoulder, before the CB even turns around to see the ball in the air.
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    any way you can run down Romo you will do. So why would anyone listen to you?
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    Me either. Rodgers makes those receivers who they are. You put those guys in Dallas and they become scrubs. haha
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    He really put on a show versus the Giants.

    Rodgers played like a rookie...the worst I've seen him play in some time.
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    He just couldn't overcome his teams meltdown this time around.. but he often does.
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    Was going to point this out again. I can't speak for Rodgers' turnovers (or lack thereof) because I don't watch him this week, but it's clear that a lot of Romo's errors this year have been the result of the play of those around him.

    It's funny how everyone was praising Romo for his lack of turnovers last year, and criticizing him for his turnovers this year without examining the problems.

    Now, before I get roasted, I'm not saying Romo hasn't created some of his problems, because he has definitely made some throws he shouldn't, but just that there's more to Romo's turnovers than Romo.

    Does Rodgers have the same problems with receivers running the "wrong" route or tipping the ball to defenders? Does Green Bay's scheme call for safer throws, instead of some of the option routes or deep ins Dallas uses?
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    Yeah all of those guys were scrubs ... except for the part where they were going to Pro Bowls before Rodgers ever took a snap and they were consensus Top 70 draft picks.

    Other than that ... scrubs no one else wanted.

    Your grasp on football is as tenuous as your grasp on simple sentence structure.

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