Greg Gabriel NFC East Draft Review

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Alexander, May 15, 2014.

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    Dallas Cowboys
    There were reports that the Cowboys wanted Aaron Donald or Ryan Shazier, both players who were excellent fits for the Cowboys defense. Who knows if that is true, but we do know that in Zack Martin, they got a versatile and durable offensive lineman who is capable of playing anywhere on the line of scrimmage but center. Martin is a well-coached technician and as tough as they come.

    Second round pick Demarcus Lawrence is another scheme fit who fits in at defensive end in Rod Marinelli’s Tampa 2 type scheme. He is an edge pass rusher who had 20 sacks in his two-year stay at Boise State. Though he is only 6027 – 251, he plays bigger and stronger than his numbers would indicate.

    Going in the fourth round may have been a little high for linebacker Anthony Hitchens of Iowa. He is primarily a Will linebacker in the Dallas scheme. He is an athletic, run-and-hit type who lacks top instincts.

    Devin Street from Pitt is a tall, long-armed possession receiver. He is best uncovering versus zone defenses. He will need to get a little longer to be able to handle press coverage in the NFL.
    Stanford’s Ben Gardner is a bit undersized for an NFL D-Linemen, but he has very good instincts and is a top competitor. The rest of the Dallas draft are players who will compete for a roster spot.
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    At the top of the list of what I want in a LB, like Safety is instincts.
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    he might have had 200 tackles last year if he had instincts!!
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