Greg Hardy - Karma

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by xwalker, Aug 12, 2017 at 8:55 PM.

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    Maybe we got bad Karma from all the Cowboys fans that didn't care that there was Zero proof against Greg Hardy.

    The girl in that case could easily have made it all up and could have intentionally instigated the entire ordeal.

    Many were against Hardy in large part because he's not an easily likeable player and was an outsider and non-core player in their minds.

    People should have stood up for his rights back then. It's common knowledge that he had to pay the girl off and it been often reported to be a sum of 1 million dollars. It seems fairly obvious that was her goal from the beginning.

    The Hardy ordeal set in motion many stripper's plans to go for the gold. It should have been obvious then that this issue was going to keep happening.
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    two unrelated circumstances
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    Oh, look. Casual, paranoid sexism. "Cool."

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    Mods, can we delete this thread? It clearly has nothing to do with football despite its thinly veiled attempts to come off as such.
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    No one wanted to was all a set-up...... but the pitchforks were out and the NFL wanted it's pound of flesh........ GHardy was a strange bird but no monster..... Zeke is an entitled jock but doesn't deserve this label
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