Grizz Practice Report #15

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cochese, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. gimmesix

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    I think it's early for that. Fabini is a vet coming back from an injury and it may just be taking him some time to round into form.

    Parcells likes him, so he'll be given every opportunity to prove he's at least a reliable backup.
  2. YoungBuck

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    True, but before getting injured Fabini was playing poorly, and he's just carried that over into TC. At some point he needs to perform.

    So far from what I've heard McQuistan has outplayed him. Fabini has a few more weeks, but Bill's going to put the best guys on the roster.
  3. Grizz

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    I wouldn't get to caught up in all that Henson stuff at the end. Sometimes Parcells will change the down and distance during drills, and also gives them extra plays if he wants to see something specific. It's hard to follow exactly what is going on when he does that. He did question Henson about calling a time out at a specific time, but from my read on it Parcells wasn't really mad, you can tell when he's mad out there. It sounded like he was trying to get a read on Henson's thought process.

    I think there is a lot more interesting information in there about Ratliff kicking butt (which he's been doing all camp) Fabini showing something in run-blocking, Rivera getting beat like a drum (scary) and various other stuff.

    If you want to focus on Henson, focus on the fact that he threw the best "touch" pass I've seen him throw all camp. He usually doesn't show that kind of feel for dropping a ball in over the linebackers.
  4. gimmesix

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    Oh, no doubt. I just think it's too early to read too much into Fabini's play. I doubt he will be going anywhere before the final cut, so he's got plenty of time to prove himself.
  5. gimmesix

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    Thanks for those clarifications Grizz. Henson showed some of that touch at times in NFLE from what I understand. He's got the ability, but doesn't show it often enough, it seems.

    Since most of the reports on Rivera have been somewhat positive, I'll give him a pass for a bad day. But you've got to like what Ratliff keeps showing. Spears better be bringing it when he comes back.

    I'm still waiting before jumping to any conclusions on Fabini.
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    VERY NICE POST!! Im getting spoiled looking for these everyday.
  7. Cochese

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    I agree with this. Going against your own teammates can be counter productive as you learn their tendencies and habits which on a whole do not apply to the rest of the league. Guys on the defensive line can get familiar with the techniques of the OL they go against on a daily basis and exploit them to impress the coaching staff.
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    It sounds like its getting to be about that time in camp where this isn't fun anymore for the rookies. Hatcher, Green, Stanley, Fasano and the rest of the rooks are probably experiencing muscle fatigue and soreness they never dreamed possible, and they're working against guys who are either used to it, better prepared for it coming off a professional offseason or a mixture of both. These are the dead leg days.
  9. jimmy40

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    Wow, the rediculous crap people come up with to make themselves feel better about a player. Comparing Rivera who has done nothing since coming to Dallas but suck and let a treadmill kick his arse to Lebron James, one of the three best players in the world at his sport.
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    Yea baby, sounds like Ellis is getting the hang of it.
  11. baj1dallas

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    Do you think he meant left?

    Also, sounds like my boy Reeves had a bad day. Hope it gets better.
  12. Encore

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    There was a small fight at practice today, but I wasn't able to see who it was. I guess Grizz also missed it.
  13. WoodysGirl

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    Vela and Archer said it was Rivera and Ratliff.
  14. Cochese

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    Hopefully Ratliff beat the suck out of old Marco. Cant afford him to not earn his paycheck again this year.
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    Probably one of the worst things I've read here.

    Let's all hope that our probowl caliber guard, one of the highlights of this line, gets hurt.

    I think I'll pass.
  16. Cochese

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    Where did I say I hope he got hurt? I merely suggested that Ratliff beat the suck out of old man Marco's system, just incase he still has some left over from last years suckfest.. Pro Bowl caliber? I wouldnt hold my breath on that one.
  17. YoungBuck

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    I must have misread you. Either way, statisticly Rivera had an average season. He should be much better.

    You're right. 2003 and 2004 must have been just an aberration when he went to the probowl. It was 2005 when we saw the real Marco. The last time Rivera played a season healthy he was in the probowl. Let's watch him for a full healthy season before we say he sucks.
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    thanks so much for postin....very informative
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    Must have been the same refs that did the 1990 Colorado/Missouri game. :)
  20. SultanOfSix

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    This is so asinine. If you're a 14 year veteran, you aren't supposed to be doing these things. If you're a young and unproven player, it's expected every once and a while.

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