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    Cowboys training camp practice #12 (scrimmage)
    By Grizz
    Posted on Sat Aug 05, 2006 at 07:31:56 PM EST

    Saturday, Aug. 5th (2-4 PM scrimmage)

    Now that was fun. The Cowboys scrimmaged for a good hour and a half today and there's a lot to report. Before they started the scrimmage they did a sprint and some stretching and then did position drills briefly. They also practiced punts and McBriar had a couple of booming punts.

    But enough of that, I know you guys want to hear about the scrimmage. Let me set the ground rules. The offense started each series on their own 35-yard line and went as long as it took for them to get downfield and score a TD or kick a field goal. If they scored quickly they got to go again, usually from the 50-yard line. Down and distance was arbitrarily set by Parcells, so it wasn't a true scrimmage, there were no fourth downs and if you missed the next offense came on. But they did treat it mostly like a drive down the field. To start, they ran the 1st offense against the 1st defense, but after that they started substituting and sometimes you could get 2nd offense against 3rd defense or something similar. The offense mainly stuck to substitutions by units but the defense was a little more liberal in substituting individuals. It was impossible for me to keep track of all the formations and who was in and who was out so mainly I just kept track of the plays and who did what.

    Terrell Owens didn't scrimmage so Patrick Crayton worked on the 1st unit. Rob Petitti worked at LT to start the scrimmage on the 1st unit but Flozell did run at least one series with the 1st unit. Greg Ellis worked with the 1st unit at SOLB. Please excuse any mistakes in identifying players or yardage, it was tough to keep track, but I think this is pretty accurate. They don't have yard line numbers painted on the field so I did a lot of estimating on that. Also, excuse the spelling, I wrote it as fast as I could.

    Bledsoe and the 1st offense came out against the 1st defense.
    * JJ ran to the right but for little gain with Ratliff making the stop.
    * Canty got a sack.
    * Crayton couldn't make a one handed catch and Ware busted up Petitti but didn't get the sack in time.
    * JJ ran a sweep to the right with Rivera leading him that got around 5 yards, Bradie James got the tackle.
    * From the shotgun Bledsoe over-threw Fasano who was wide-open in the flats.
    * Newman broke up a pass intended for Crayton.
    * JJ had a good run up the middle that got around 8-yds.
    * On a play-action pass Bledsoe hit Terry Glenn for 15-yds.
    * JJ tried a run but was popped good by Canty who let out a big yell.
    * Canty then got another sack but it was mainly a coverage sack as no one was open.
    * Glenn tried a diving catch on a pass that lead him a little too much but couldn't come up with it. Thomas Johnson and Ware were very close to Bledsoe and might've gotten a sack in a real game.

    Romo came in with Flozell at LT and Fabini at RT with Lousaka Polite at TE and Bobby Carpenter was playing WILB on the 2nd team defense.
    * MB3 had a big run down the right side for about 20-yards.
    * Polite caught a dump-off over the middle.
    * MB3 had a short gain over the right side.
    * MB3 lined up outside as a WR, Kenyon Coleman deflected the pass just as it came out of Romo's hand.
    * MB3 ran a draw play for around 5-yds.
    * On a roll-out Romo hit Tony Curtis for 5-yds.
    * He went back to Curtis on the next play but the pass was just a bit too high.
    * Tyson Thompson dropped a flare pass.
    * Vanderjagt came in and just made a FG that I estimate was about 45-yards.

    Romo continued his series and they re-set back at the 50-yd line.
    * MB3 ran for no gain, with Carpenter making the tackle.
    * Copper almost made a great catch on the sideline with Reeves defending but couldn't bring it in.
    * Jason Hatcher got called for off-sides.
    * Rector almost made a great catch on the other sideline but Nate Jones was able to get his hands in at the last moment and knock it loose.

    Henson took over.
    * Thompson ran a sweep to the left but Lenny Williams and Oliver Hoyte made the stop.
    * Hannam made a good one-handed catch for around 8-yds.
    * From the shotgun Henson threw a low quick slant but Skyler Green was able to dig it out for a catch.
    * Rocky Boiman made a horse-collar tackle on Hannam in the flats that Parcells didn't like and for the only time in the scrimmage Parcells went over to the defensive huddle and said something. I'm sure it was along the lines of don't hurt anybody.
    * They tried a draw to Thompson but Junior Glymph ate it up in the backfield.
    * Sam Hurd caught a dump-off for a short gain with Al Singleton making the stop.
    * Thompson had another drop in the flats and the offense was penalized for holding.
    * Thompson ran a draw for 8-yds or so with Hoyte making the tackle.
    * Then Sam Hurd had one of his two amazing catches of the day, leaping over Quincy Butler for a 30-yard gain down the sideline.
    * Suisham tried a very long FG, easily around 50-yards but came up way short.

    Bledsoe and the 1st team offense back on the field.
    * Fasano caught a 10-yd out.
    * Carpenter got a sack on a play-action pass.
    * Witten caught a 10-yd pass but the offense was whistled for pass interference.
    * Bledsoe rolled-out but threw the ball out-of-bounds.
    * JJ tried a run to the right but K. Coleman stopped it after 3-yds or so.
    * Witten caught an 8-yd crossing pattern beating Ryan Fowler.
    * They tried a flea-flicker but Singleton was in the backfield to bust up the play and Fasano got penalized for holding.
    * JJ ran a draw play for 10 yds and showed some good moves.
    * They tried a pass play but the pass rush was a jailbreak and Parcells blew the whistle and looked like he was unhappy with MB3's blocking effort.
    * They ran a screen to JJ but Carpenter read it well and stopped it for a short gain.
    * Crayton then beat A. Glenn over the middle for 10-yds.
    * Suisham came on and hit what looked to be a 47-yd FG.

    Romo takes over.
    * MB3 had another long run down the right side and Keith Davis hit him late out-of-bounds and got flagged for it.
    * Canty and Ware then beat Petitti and Procter and Canty got the sack while Petitti got flagged for holding.
    * Sam Hurd caught a pass for 15-yds.
    * Romo rolled-out and hit MB3 on a short pass but MB3 turned it upfield for around 35-yds and finished the play by paying Keith Davis back by not going out-of-bounds but delivered his own lick on Davis.
    * MB3 ran to the left side for no gain as Ware and Canty were there.
    * Romo threw a stop-route to Rector but it was low and he couldn't grab it.
    * Curtis caught a 10-yd pass to set them up close to the goal line.
    * MB3 took a hand off to the left side and out-raced Anthony Henry to the pylon for a TD.
    * Vandy kicked the extra-point.

    Henson on the field.
    * Kincade ran up the middle for 5-yds but the offense was flagged for holding.
    * Sam Hurd then made the second of his great catches on the day, leaping high over Nate Jones on the sidelines for around 25-yds.
    * Kincade ran to the right but stumbled while making a move for little gain.
    * Kincade then picked-up a middle blitz giving Henson time to hit Hannam on a hot-route for 8-yds.
    * Back to Sam Hurd on a play-action pass as Henson hit for what looked like a 25-yd TD.
    * Parcells went for two on the extra-point and Polite ran it in.
    * Parcells then let Vandy kick a regular extra-point.
    Henson re-set the offense at the 50-yd line.
    * Henson threw the ball out-of-bounds in the flats, it was intended for Hannam.
    * Kincade had a good run for 5-yds before Stephen Bowen made the tackle.
    * Either Kai Parham or John Saldi blitzed and beat McQ for a sack.
    * Kincade had a nice run on a draw play for 12-yds.
    * Henson tried a long bomb to Hurd, but it was incomplete and I believe the offense was called for pass interference.

    Bledsoe back on.
    * JJ run to the right for a couple of yards.
    * Copper had a pass in his hands but Newman pasted him causing the ball to pop out for an incomplete.
    * MB3 with a nice draw for 15-yds.
    * Copper made a good catch fighting Henry for the ball for 15-yds.
    * Defense offsides.
    * DeMarcus Ware bull-rushed Fasano and knocked Fasano back into Bledsoe for a sack.
    * JJ ran up the middle for a few yards before Pepper Johnson gave him a good hit.
    * A. Glenn broke up a pass intended for Crayton but was flagged for interference.
    * Bledsoe hit Rector on a dump pass and Bradie James threw him to the ground.
    * Ayodele covered Fasano but the defense was whistled for interference.
    * Copper beat Henry for a 10-yard gain.
    * JJ tried a run to the right but was stopped.
    * Greg Ellis then batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage.
    * Vandy came on and connected on a short FG.

    Romo takes over.
    * Romo picks up 10-yds on a bootleg that he ends up scrambling on.
    * Burnett got a good rush and Romo rushed a pass to Tolver, who dropped it.
    * Burnett then stuck Tolver on a short pass keeping him from the 1st down marker.
    * Flozell illegal motion.
    * Rector made a diving try on a pass but couldn't get it.
    * A. Glenn ran a blitz but Romo dumped the ball to Thompson who took off for around 30-yds.
    * Burnett bull-rushed Polite and looked like he might have got the sack but Romo threw anyway for an incompletion.
    * Curtis made a nice over the shoulder catch for around 15-yds. Flozell made a nice pick-up of Burnett coming in on the rush.
    * Thompson ran off-tackle for a decent gain.
    * At the goal line they ran a play-action fake and tried to hit Hannam in the endzone but Abram Elam was not fooled and broke up the pass.
    * Then they pitched to Kincade on the right side but Keith Davis ran him down and made a great tackle to keep him out of the endzone.
    * Romo hit Tolver for a TD catch over Reeves.
    * Suisham hit the extra point.

    Henson on the last series of the day.
    * Short pass to Hannam for 5-yds.
    * Demetrius summers made some nice moves on a 10-yd run.
    * The line made a good blitz pick-up allowing Henson to hit Austin Miles for 15-yds.
    * Henson under-threw a long pass that was almost intercepted.
    * Summer got 5-yds on a nice cutback move.
    * Stephen Bowen got a good rush but Henson got the ball off quickly to Skyler Green for 10-yds.
    * Nate Jones broke up a pass intended for Skyler Green on a bootleg play. The defense got a penalty on the play.
    * Then Skyler Green made a beautiful catch in the back of the endzone, leaping high in the air and getting his feet in bounds for a TD.
    * Suisham hit the extra-point.

    After that Parcells had them run some sprints, which Flozell labored through with his knee and then Parcells sent them to the showers.

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    Cowboys walk-through
    By Grizz
    Posted on Sat Aug 05, 2006 at 01:32:27 PM EST

    I just got back from the Cowboys walk-through this morning and not much of interest happened. Parcells had them out there in shorts and helmets and it wasn't quite a walk-through, it was mostly 11-on-11 run at half-speed. They also did some position drills and a little punt team walk-through.

    The only items of signifigance were that Terrell Owens was not dressed for the walk-through, so it looks doubtful that he'll scrimmage. Also, they had Rob Petitti lined-up with the 1st team at LT, so I would expect he's going to get some action there in today's scrimmage. Today is about the hottest day yet in Oxanard with no cloud cover so they should get a good work-out in the scrimmage.

    The scrimmage starts around 2 PM (PST) and I'll have a report posted once it's over.
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    Very nice stuff. Too bad you couldn't video tape it. Hmmmm, are you any good at scetching?
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    Been waiting all day for something like this. Thanks a bunch Grizz! Sounds like the reports are spot on, MB3 is the MVP, Romo looked better than Bledsoe, although not nearly as some of the reports make it sound.
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    Man, that was awesome. Much better than that rant and Rave stuff, giving no indication of what the plays where and how it was executed.

    Grizz is the man. From what I noticed consistantly, Grizz's report are matter fact, with no personal opinions seeping in.
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