Gun Control (NIU)

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by AbeBeta, Feb 17, 2008.

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    I don't recall crying for you to do anything. I merely pointed out that you had not provided any evidence for your central theses.

    Then your methodology is already flawed. Nemerov wrote this article in 2006. At that time, there were 12 states and 1 district classified as non-RTC.

    Despite the above flaw in your methodology, I actually don't disagree with your assessment.

    Shocking, I know.

    As I've already indicated, I'm not contending that more guns equal less crime. I'm merely stating that gun control has never proven an effective deterrent to crime in the United States. Both your research and Nemerov's research seem to corroborate my point.
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    Game, set, and match.
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    What would a 30 day waiting period gain you? Make a nut-bag an un-nutbag? I'll tell ya what it would do. It would drive up the illegally obtained weaponry ten-fold. Guarantee it. You seem to forget we are a society of "now" not later.

    I haven't read this entire thread but I did read your statement about most college students wouldn't know where to buy a gun illegally. Why would you even go there? It's one helluva lot easier to obtain a weapon, of any form, legally. Pick up the newspaper call 'ol Bob and tell him you'd like to purchase that .256 winchester mag. he's sellin' and would he take 50 bucks less.
    Why walk all the way around the canyon when there's a bridge?

    This is so typical of folks who know nothing about weapons and the laws already in place. Let's just pile on some more and make it all as clear as mud. Let's confuse the majority so they'll get more creative in obtaining a weapon and then pile on yet another "law" to deter the latest issues created by the previous law. BRILLIANT!!! How about we just ask ourselves, as a society of the bipedial form, to be responsible and accept the fact that it isn't the guns. OH! What a lude thought!

    I find myself shaking my head at these types of discussions. They are never, ever inclusive of just how many lives are saved, daily, by owning a gun. Never do you hear, from the folks who know nothing of guns, how the 28 yr. old girl with two kids saved their lives by defending herself from an intruder that was later found out to be a neighborhood rapist. (true story) Guess what...............she never fired a shot. Held him at bay 'til the law showed up. Adds a little twist to the brow beaters who are anti-gun, don't it?
    This sort of instance happens DAILY and often. It includes the elderly, the handicapped, the thousands of abused women, folks out on a Sunday afternoon walk, young men and women in the privacy of their own home.

    I wonder if the caveman ever thought of doing away with clubs? What would we use on the wimmen!!
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    Ownership of guns is a right ...... to take them away the socialist will have to change the second amendment.

    Its really that simple.
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