Gun safety instructor shoots himself in the leg

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Jon88, May 1, 2004.

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    Gun safety presenter shoots self
    Saturday, May 1, 2004 Posted: 12:11 PM EDT (1611 GMT)

    ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- A federal drug agent shot himself in the leg during a gun safety presentation to children in what police describe as an accident. His bosses, however, are still investigating the incident.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration agent, whose name was not released, was speaking April 9 to about 50 adults and students organized by the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association, witnesses and police said.

    He drew his .40-caliber duty weapon and removed the magazine, according to the police report. He then pulled back the slide and asked an audience member to look inside the gun and confirm it wasn't loaded.

    Witnesses said when the agent released the slide, one shot fired into the top of his left thigh. The gun was pointed at the floor.

    The agent was treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center and returned to work, a DEA official said.
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    What a dumbarse. LOL... I wonder if anybody laughed in the crowd. I would have. :D
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    That is pretty stupid
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    Reminds me of the time when I was in elementary school, and these guys from the military came and were throwing rifles with bayonets attached to them and one of them ended up slicing his hand open. Ouch!!!!
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    I used to drive an ambulance in the Fire Department. One day we got a call on a gunshot wound. I knew the dude. His name was Cal Sterling. He was in his late 50's, or early 60's.

    He had been down to the bar and had a few. Had a .22 pistol in the front of his pants. Luckily that it wasn't any bigger. Cal liked to talk tough all the time.

    Apparently when he got home he went to pull the gun out of his pants and accidently pulled the trigger.

    We found him in a highly agitated state. (Duh) First thign we have to do is check the wound. Cal wanted none of that. Kept pleading that we get him to the hospital. That he shot his balls off. He must have said he shot his balls off at least 30 times.

    Proof that God loves fools, the bullet enterred the lower belly just above the area he was so worried about and lodged in the skin at the back of his right thigh basically having missed his groin altogether and traveling right through his arse.

    To this day when I go by that house I can hear him pleading. "F*** that! Get me to the hospital. I shot my balls off."

    I shouldn't laugh, but I really can't help it.
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    Not something you hear everyday :)

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