Gurode vs 3-4; Johnson vs 4-3 ?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ravidubey, Aug 15, 2005.

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    The OL was confused last light and when it becomes a mental game vs. the gap shooting teams I trust Al Johnson more than Andre Gurode. Gurode is clearly more physical, though, and can best be more physical against 3-4 NT's.

    Would BP go so far as to rotate starting centers based on the dominant defensive alignment?
  2. noshame

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    If he does, we'll be toast. He nees to choose one, and let these guys get all the reps together they can.
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    I would hope not I think alternating centers will lead to a lot of problems with the exchange between the center and QB. Right now everyone is getting a lot of reps but come reg season you can't have guys sharing the same amount of reps that you do in training camp.
  4. Next_years_Champs

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    The first three plays for the Cowboys offense.

    1st down- Gurode misses his assignment getting only a hand on the defensive players arm, the defensive player hits J Jones and assists in stopping him for a 0 yard gain.

    2nd down- Gurode pulls left whiffs his block on the linebacker and watches as that linebacker and the defensive end combine to stop J Jones for a 3 yard gain.

    3rd down- Gurode evidently misses making a blocking adjustment allowing his man to stunt around Rivera getting directly into Bledsoe's face, forcing a hurried throw which was high and incomplete. Gurode blocked no one on the play.

    That my man was just the first three plays, in three plays Gurode did nothing more than put his hand on a couple of players and didn't actually block anyone. If Gurode has a place on this team it is surely on the bench.......
  5. Zaxor

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    but is Gurode whiffs better or worse than AL J getting blownup in our backfield play after it better to have one or two people in the backfield that does not belong there:(
  6. Next_years_Champs

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    Al Johnson enters game with 6:20 left in 2nd quarter.

    1st down- Johnson blocks the left D tackle to the right into the R offensive guard, then moves to his left and the right D tackle and combines with Larry Allen to blow the tackle onto his back. meanwhile Romo in a secure pocket stands and lofts the ball to the left over the D linebacker to J Witten for a 18 yard pass completion for the Cowboys.

    You should really watch the tape because who is the best player is obvious. I have nothing against Andre Gurode but when the guy can't even find anyone to block, he simply doesn't belong on the field.
  7. Zaxor

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    Is that Johnson in the backfield?
  8. Next_years_Champs

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    Thats the play I thought you would show (your much too predictable) because its the play the TV announcers mistakenly blamed on Al Johnson. This play was actually a blown assignment by the tight end, the D tackle got into the backfield because of that and not by pushing A Johnson into the backfield. In addition to the fact that the play was still moderately successful in spite of the good play by the defensive tackler, the defensive tackle didn't make the tackle.

    So your stage theatrics are good but the play in question wasn't a blown assignment by Al Johnson and only the fact that Johnson wasn't able to finish his sweep affected the play at all. Besides at least he made contact with a defensive player, that alone is much more than Gurode managed to do.

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