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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DBoys, Feb 25, 2007.

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    Curious what your gut feelings on the draft are?

    I don't think we are going to target a FS like all the draft guys think. I thought Watkins played good at the end of the season. Then there are the stories about Henry being moved to FS. Watkins would be good enough to play backup. I don't think Landry or Nelson will be on the board at #22 anyway.

    I don't think Dallas is going to be very active in FA. We might pick-up a few guys but I doubt they are big names. We will probably resort to resigning the key guys like McBriar, Colombo, Romo etc.

    The two biggest needs I see is G and CB. The two players I see probably being available is Blaylock and Ross from UT (Hook em Horns!).

    I think both players would be instant starters. I would probably say G is our bigger need by far.

    How about the LB's? What guys do you think we will be targeting?
  2. Zman5

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    I would like to think we have a good enough team (talent wise) to go BPA instead of drafting for need.
  3. parchy

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    Seeing as I've thought we were going offensive line like the last three years, I've come to appreciate the unpredictability of the draft.

    So my gut feeling is that the Cowboys will probably draft some football players, and we'll probably see them in San Antonio this August.
  4. DBoys

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    Let's hope the year you let down your guard :) we draft one :)

    Anybody broke down Wade's draft history?
  5. The Realist

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    This is where Junk usually chimes in about UT players and I agree.

    According to Ireland we have 2 scouts that live in Austin and the last time we drafted a UT player was when?

    Don't buy the Henry to FS stuff.

    In that same interview Jerry said the only reason you talk about your plans this time of year is "subterfuge"

    That's same fancy book learnin' right there.
  6. Apollo Creed

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    We'll get a guard, WR, FS in the first 3 rounds. Guard hopefully early, several projected 1st round receivers will be around in the 2nd (Rice hopefully), and Merriweather might still be there in the 3rd if he falls like guys like Ko Simpson and Jason Allen did.
  7. AsthmaField

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    Still two months out from the draft and almost a week till free agency, it's very hard to guess... but if I had to go with what my gut tells me right now:

    I'd say we go CB or OLB in round 1. Notice I said "round 1" instead of, "At 22".

    That's because I think there's a very good chance that we'll move up or move down a few spots to acquire the guy we like.
  8. DragonCowboy

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    Well here's what I found...

    Tell me if one of these years he wasn't the one who did the drafting, or if I missed a year (interim years throwing me off :))

    1993 Denver Broncos Draft:

    Rd. 1: Dan Williams DT Toledo
    Rd. 2: Glyn Milburn WR Stanford
    Rd. 3: Rondell Jones DB North Carolina
    Rd. 3: Jason Elam K Hawaii
    Rd. 4: Jeff Robinson TE Idaho
    Rd. 5: Kevin Williams RB UCLA
    Rd. 6: Melvin Bonner WR Baylor
    Rd. 7: Clarence Williams TE Washington State
    Rd. 7: Antonius Kimbrough WR Jackson State
    Rd. 8: Brian Stablein WR Ohio State

    1994 Denver Broncos Draft:

    Rd. 2: Allen Aldridge OLB Houston
    Rd. 4: Randy Fuller DB Tennessee State
    Rd. 7: Keith Burns OLB Oklahoma State

    1998 Buffalo Bills Draft:

    Rd. 2: Sam Cowart MLB Florida State
    Rd. 3: Robert Hicks OT Mississippi State
    Rd. 5: Jonathan Linton RB North Carolina
    Rd. 6: Fred Coleman WR Washington
    Rd. 7: Victor Allotey OG Indiana
    Rd. 7: Kamil Loud WR Cal Poly-SLO

    1999 Buffalo Bills Draft:

    Rd. 1: Antoine Winfield CB Ohio State
    Rd. 2: Peerless Price WR Tennessee
    Rd. 3: Shawn Bryson FB Tennessee
    Rd. 4: Keith Newman OLB North Carolina
    Rd. 4: Bobby Collins TE North Alabama
    Rd. 5: Jay Foreman ILB Nebraska
    Rd. 6: Armon Hatcher S Oregon State
    Rd. 7: Sheldon Jackson TE Nebraska
    Rd. 7: Bryce Fisher DE Air Force

    2000 Buffalo Bills Draft:

    Rd. 1: Erik Flowers DE Arizona State
    Rd. 2: Travares Tillman SS Georgia Tech
    Rd. 3: Corey Moore OLB Virginia Tech
    Rd. 4: Avion Black WR Tennessee State
    Rd. 5: Sammy Moore FB Texas Tech
    Rd. 6: Leif Larson DT Texas-El Paso
    Rd. 7: Drew Haddad WR Buffalo, NY
    Rd. 7: DaShon Polk MLB Arizona

    well, for anyone who wants to look at WP's draft history, I hope this helps...
  9. jbsg02

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    I think Ross is a great player with a great upside, however, he would not be an instant starter. CB is one of the most demanding positions on the field and most top CB prospects don't fair so well their rookie seasons. I know many people might counter that with a Terence Newman argument, but he was one of the few exceptions to step in as a rookie and play well. Ross had a great senior year, but still has very little experience having only played full time at CB his senior season. Blalock on the other hand could very well step in and start as a rookie.
  10. Woods

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    I'm still assuming we get a Guard in FA (probably 2nd tier).

    Listening to JJ at the Combine, it seems apparent that Rivera's health is a problem or his back could flare up again.

    If we manage to get a Guard in FA, I really think we can take the best player available.

    But at this stage my best bet would be on either an OLB or CB in the 1st.

    THUMPER Papa

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    The positions I see us targeting in the 1st round of the draft are: OG, WR, DB, & NT.

    Depending on what we do in FA will certainly dictate who we go after in the draft. If we sign an OG like Dielman or Steinbach then obviously we wouldn't look to take one in the 1st round. I believe we will look to fill this void via FA, if not then Blalock would seem to be the best choice and most likely to be available at #22.

    I also believe we will take a serious look at WR in this draft with some top guys dropping to us. Despite his poor speed I really believe Dwayne Jarrett is a guy we would take if he is there. He has excellent hands, size, strength, route running, uses his body very well to shield defenders away from the ball, can jump, and simply makes plays. Keyshawn and Irvin didn't have great speed either yet they made pretty good careers for themselves in the NFL. The comparisons to former Trojan Mike Williams are not accurate as Jarrett is a much more polished WR than he was.

    There are several good DBs (CBs or Ss) that will be available when we select and any one of them might be our pick if we need one. Personally, I liked what I saw from Watkins last year and don't see FS as a huge need. I also believe that our passrush will be VASTLY improved with Zimrod gone and a guy at the helm who knows how to design an effective blitz so our DBs won't be asked to cover their men all day while the QB waits for them to get open.

    Ferguson is a very good player but we really don't have much depth behind him. If a top DT/NT dropped to #22 I think we would take a serious look at him but I believe we will look to find depth later in the draft than round-1.

    I do not see us going after a DE/OLB in round-1. Carpenter and Ellis will likely rotate at the OLB spot opposite Ware and we have several guys that can fill the ILB spots. We will definitely look for one later in the draft but not round-1.

    That's my take on it.
  12. Cowboy4ever

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    I don't think we would go WR in the first, I dont think Jerry will draft someone that high, and pay them and not play them and there is no playing time for a WR at number 1, behind Owens and Glenn. If we stay at 22, I think we go CB. I would like to see us move down and take a Guard with our first pick, then CB , then WR to groom for a year. Those would be my first 3 picks. I don't think we take a FS at all, unless one comes at an extremely good value, such as a projected 1st rounder falling to the 4th or 5th rounds.
  13. TheSport78

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    i don't understand even drafting a WR this year..this team is one or two players away from a SUPER BOWL...why would we draft a WR only to be at best #4 on the depth chart behind crayton and not have him even contribute next year?? draft someone who is going to make an immediate impact like a CB, FS or even an OG!!
  14. CCBoy

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    I have an autographed T-shirt of Bob Lilly hanging in my bedroom right now...
    thanks to my dear wife.

    I would think that Ellis and Carpenter would be strong enough on the outside, and if not, who is going to get traded or released?

    If anyone pays attention to what Jerry Jones says, then he stated that WR was probably the strongest section on the team...

    If I were to take a wide receiver in the draft, I would target a true speedster, somewhat lower in the draft, than first round. In the first round, I think that I would now target a WR such as Robert Meachem, especially after his 4.36 at the Combine. Lower down, the Cowboys were looking at Jason Hill, and he ran a 4.32, and is a returner in addition. Additionally, Yamin Figur ran a 4.30 at the Combine and would project at punt returner....

    That would cover the receiver position, and if Dallas signs an offensive guard during free agency, things would open for the draft. The starting question at right tackle, would then boil down to Colombo resigning, or signing an alternative in free agency, such as Leonard Davis, or even Luke Pettigout...

    ...again taking pressure off the draft. In this picture, Dallas could actually focus on something like FS Nelson in the 1st; OT Ugoh in the 2nd; and QB Trent Edwards in the 3rd; and NT Paul Solial in the 4th...

    ....and for the record, if Rivera retires, I would sign:

    Leonard Davis
    Kris Dielman
    Adalius Thomas

    and draft as stated above-leaving a veteran QB and kicker on the plate.
  15. Doomsday101

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    I like Blalock but I would stay away from Ross. My hope is Dallas looks at OL help and WR on day 1 of the draft.
  16. dalboy

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    Watkins is good for a team that is growing not a team that may have a chance for the superbowl, again might have chance.
  17. Oh_Canada

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    The reason I think drafting a wideout is important is that both of our starting recievers have injury concerns and most likely will not be Cowboys in '08. Free Safety is not as big an issue in my opinion as Watkins is more than adequate and as long as Henry is back healthy there is no reason to panic there either.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Um, didn't we draft Carpenter in the 1st round last season even with Ware and Ellis as the starters? If I recall, Carpenter didn't start a game until late in the season.

    I'm not seeing that your argument holds much water.

    Also, both of our starting WRs are on the wrong side of 30 and probably won't be here after next season, certainly both won't. WRs usually take time to groom which means that we need to take one BEFORE we absolutely need one. This is the time to do it.
  19. ethiostar

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    i believe they pick a servicable OL in free agency but will also target the OL in the first day of the draft. I doubt they will go after a free saftey in the early rounds if they do at all. It is more likely they will look for a young CB to be groomed behind henry or to take over henry's CB spot in case he moves to FS. I don't believe we'll give up on Watkins so fast and so easily, he still has a lot of potential and he was starting to show up towards the end of the 2006 season. Drafting a CB is something the boys need to do anyways looking ahead, but it also provides flexibility for the 2007 season. If they keep both TO and TG, then the boys can afford to wait until the 2nd or 3rd round to find a WR, this draft is supposed to be very deep at this position from everything i've heard.

    there you have it, i believe we will go after CB, OL, and WR on the first day.
  20. theogt

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    This is assuming we drafted Carpenter to play outside.

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