Guts + Luck = Greatness

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by joseephuss, Dec 12, 2005.

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    What are the best/luckiest moves in Cowboys history?

    These are moves where the organization took chances and also benefited by other teams passing on players or willing to trade something to Dallas. Some of it is the shrewdness of Tex, Tom, Jimmy and Jerry, but some of it is also luck to be in that position:

    1. Cowboys secure rights to Don Meredith? Due to my age, I don’t know the specifics to this signing. I just heard something about how they beat other teams to getting his rights.

    2. Dallas drafts Bob Lilly. Again before my time, so I don’t know what other options they had in the draft going into their second season. Seems like a great choice in retrospect.

    3. Drafting the rights to Roger Staubach. Obviously every team had more than one chance to draft Roger. Dallas took it. What if they waited one more round? Would he have still been there?

    4. Trading for the pick that was Tony Dorsett? Very shrewd move.

    5. Drafting the rights for Herschel Walker? Same as the Staubach draft.

    6. Trading Herschel Walker. Did they really imagine they would get that much in return for Walker? This is the luckiest move in my opinion. To find a team that would give up that much just amazes me.

    7. Positioning themselves to get Emmitt Smith. Other teams wanted Smith and Jimmy supposedly wanted James Francis. The end result was Smith to Dallas.
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    The best move was trading Herscel Walker for all of those draft picks.

    The luckiest was getting The best player out of college {Tony Dorsett) in 1976 coming off of a 11-3 playoff season. There were a lot of conspiracy theories when we made the trade with Seattle that year. It was unbelievable then.....and now.;)
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    Good topic! I'd throw in making the move to get a disgruntled Charles Haley out of San Fran, and in that same timeframe in a much less heralded but very important move, getting Thomas Everett out of an untenable contract situation in Pittsburgh. He provided a huge upgrade that season at safety and helped play a big part in the first SB win of the 90s.
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    Thanks. I knew someone would know the specifics.

    The Charles Haley trade was pretty good.
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    The best move the Cowboys ever made was in 1964 when the fans and the media where howling for change because the team had only won 13 games in 4 years. Tex Schramm responded by signing Tom Landry to a new 10 year contract thus allowing the continuity and stability needed to build one of the greatest sports franchises ever.

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