Guy buys 3 bottles of water at hotel-total cost $127

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    I agree with your general point and bottled water only really was able to become a "necessity" a result of the poor water quality in the past. I remember how bad it was in DC and WVA as a kid with lead, brown/red water, and the distinct taste of metal when drinking from the tap. Some cleaned up good on that one;)

    Marc Edwards, an expert in plumbing corrosion, discovered lead levels at least 83 times higher than the accepted safe limit while performing research into premature pipe corrosion for the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (WASA). He found that the decision to change from using chlorine to chloramine as a treatment chemical had caused the spike in lead levels.,_D.C._drinking_water
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    I use a Brita water filter and just fill up my waterbottle. Saves a ton of money. I usually drink a gallon per day.

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