Guys and gals, we can still win it all, Romo would ruin this season

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Gabe, Dec 11, 2016.

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    I mean he literally threw 1 incompletion the entire second half, and that one was on an incredibly controversial call. Hard to be better than he was that day, it's just hard to win when the defense can't get a stop in the second half, and your running back fumbles away what should have been a td.
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    Gabe. 2-22 on 3rd downs in the last 2 games says it all. The kid isnt good enough. Simple.

    This was basically a playoff game for the NYG and they gave us a preview of what will happen to Dak in a playoff game. He will look lost, as he did tonight.
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    Always excuses. No excuse for Dak tonight. Let's get ready for Tampa
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    Hard when your WR cannot get open.
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    The locker room is only destroyed (and potentially at that) if Dallas makes a move that they feel is not necessary. I'm quite certain they'd be more than understanding if Romo went into the final week of the season as the starter after losing 3 straight games.

    You can't possibly take the position that it's Dak or bust even if he's playing poorly because you're basically saying, "Dak until bust". You give him another game (maybe 2) to rebound and return to form and that's it. The locker room will understand. These guy's aren't playing on behalf of Dak Prescott's pride. They aren't going to be out there white knighting for a guy that they've lost confidence in. They're trying to win, which means if Dak Prescott has to take a seat on the bench then so be it. If Dak Prescott is half as smart as he's given credit for, he will understand. If he's 1/10th as as smart as he's given credit for then he'll have paid attention and learned something from Romo's little media briefing when Romo said that Dak had earned the right to be the QB of the Cowboys. What he'll have learned is that the other 52 guys on the roster have earned the right to go into a playoff game with confidence in their QB.

    I was entirely in favor of Romo going to the bench because Dak was playing well and a midseason QB change is very impactful. That said, if Dak isn't playing well then let me roll the dice with Romo. The only hesitation I have with Romo is my skepticism regarding his ability to stay healthy. If the alternative is starting a QB that is in a slump, I'm willing to risk it with a guy who may not get up at some point in the game.

    There are 2 mistakes Dallas could make in this situation. One is to refuse to acknowledge a struggling player and potentially let Dak's poor play undo all the hard work that has been put into this season. The other is to bail on Dak too soon and make the previous decision to bench Romo look like it was made on a whim and without consideration for the possibility that Dak may have a bad stretch at some point. So long as Dallas gives Dak a fair shake and then gives the other 52 guys on the roster their fair shake, there locker room won't be destroyed.
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    You do know Romo had one incomplete pass in the 2nd half and many still believe it was complete.
    Now is not the time for a change.
    If Dak has a bad game against Tampa Bay, then look out.
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    I understood the notion of riding with Dak because of how well the TEAM was playing overall and how the TEAM was winning. Romo understood it, the Front Office understood it obviously, as well. I didn't necessarily agree with it, but we are winning so it's all good.

    I'll just say this. Everybody knows rookies hit a wall. There is a reason no rookie QB has ever led his team to a Championship. We've seen rookies at the position start out well in the past and then struggle. Some struggled for the rest of their careers and others went on to indeed win Championships. If Dak goes out there the next two ballgames and struggles then I think we have to go back to Romo.

    And that doesn't mean that I think Dak won't have success in his career in Dallas or that I think he is hot garbage. Some of the posters here think that we should stick with him no matter what, let him take his lumps this year so he can learn, and hope that it makes everything better for the future, regardless if it affects this season. That's ridiculous. Dak will be just fine either way. He's young, is mature beyond his years, and has everything in front of him.

    He might have a bounce back game against Tampa Bay and start having this team ball again and make history. You never know what will happen. But to discount the fact that we have Tony Romo ready to go, a player who hasn't been perfect but is a straight baller when he is on, is crazy.

    Here is a newsflash. Tony and Dak play for the same team. If Tony can be benched for Dak, Dak can sure as hell be benched for Tony. And if things do work out and we win the big one in that scenario, they both get rings.
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    And he has a zero in NFC CHAMPIONSHIP games and SUPER BOWLS.
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    yawn. we have no idea of the locker room mentality, but too many more offensive showing like the last two will most certainly get some people complaining, especially on the defensive side of the ball
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    Team sport.
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    When Romo was the starter, and was in the scenario you laid out, I expected Romo to fumble, or throw an interception.
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    Except the stats do not prove that. Remember Romo had trash teams for a lot of his career. If it wasn't for him Dallas would have been picking top half if not top 10 in the following years drafts.
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    Stats prove nothing. Or, they prove everything, just depends on which side of the agenda you fall.
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    32 of 36. Get Romo in there ASAP! :rolleyes:

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    I roll my eyes every time someone claims Romo played for mostly bad teams. I can't even begin to describe what a ridiculous statement that is. He's been apart of four playoff teams including a 13, 11 and 12 win teams. There were three straight seasons where the Cowboys lost season finale elimination games and Romo contributed to those losses with multiple turnover games. The Cowboys lost another season finale elimination game in which he couldn't play. The Cowboys were only one win away from making the playoffs 8 times during Romo's 10 years as the starter and those opportunities wouldn't have been there if he played for mostly trash teams. He's had talent all around him since he became the starter in 2006. He had two 1000 yard receivers in 06 and TO was one of the top receivers in the league and a future HOF receiver.

    Romo had Jason Witten his entire career who's another future HOF player. Romo's been blessed his entire career with talent at the skill positions and his stats prove that. No way does he put up consistent numbers year after year on trash teams. Even Julius Jones put up over 1000 yards in 06. Romo had the leagues leading rusher in 2014. Even defensively we had some talent including the greatest pass rusher in the game for several seasons in Demarcus Ware who's another future HOF player. Romo has been apart of teams that have had three future HOF players.
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    He played on some really good teams (2007 and 2014). Everyone would grant you that. But you lost me when you started pointing to the .500 teams as being any good. Those teams were absolute trash and were only competitive because of Romo.

    And talent at skill positions? Yes, he's had T.O. and Dez (who Romo made a lot better) and Murray and Witten. But what about guys like Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Laurent Robinson, etc. who Romo made look like world beaters? They all sucked after leaving Dallas.
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    The Cowboys weren't a one man team during those 8-8 seasons and "some" of the reasons they went 8-8 was because Romo contributed. In 2011 he had two costly turnovers against the Jets in the opener, one that came very late the game that greatly contributed to that loss and even he blamed that loss on him. Against Detroit in week 4 he suffered a complete meltdown in the second half resulting in the Cowboys blowing a franchise record 24 point lead. That loss was all on Romo. That team could have gone 12-4 had it not been for those two losses along with Garrett costing the team a win over NE and AZ with bad coaching decisions which included icing his own kicker. In 2012 we lost some tight games including one to the Ravens who went on to win the SB. Romo suffered a complete meltdown vs Washington in a season finale elimination game with 3 INT's in 2012. In 2013 we lost some tight games including a 37-36 loss to Green Bay.

    We lost to Denver 51-48 and an ill-timed INT by Romo ended up being the difference. Not blaming him for that loss because the defense played like crap but we had a great opportunity to win that game. Denver went on to the SB that season having one of the greatest offenses in league history. We lost a season finale elimination game by only 2 points with Kyle Orton that season. We had very competitive teams the years we went 8-8 and could have very easily made the playoffs each those seasons if it wasn't for a few bad plays and coaching decisions. To say those teams were "trash" is ridiculous! As for the receivers, Crayton was a good receiver and so was Miles Austin. That franchise record 250 yards he had vs KC in 2009 was mostly due to runs after the catch.

    Obviously any good QB is going to make a receiver better and Romo certainly made them better but those receivers did have some talent. Romo couldn't make Roy Wiliams any good who turned out to be a bust. He couldn't turn Devin Street into a good receiver. He couldn't make any of our second round TEs into anything special. Romo has been a very good QB over the years but he's had his issues with turnovers especially untimely turnovers. We currently have the best team we've had since the mid 90s and Romo isn't the QB. The QB we have doesn't turn the ball over like Romo especially in critical situations or take as many sacks. Dak has come up big in these down to the wire games, making critical throws and runs. Dak Prescott is the best QB we've had since Troy Aikman. He has great leadership, poise and the ability to make the critical play and the most critical time.
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    Honor. Loyalty. Sacrifice.

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