Haloti Ngata

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Koojo, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I was wondering what everyone thinks of this NT if he falls to our pick.This is possible concidering his hype and going into the Combine and being out performed by Gab Watson and Brodrick Buckley.I really think this guy would be a steal at #18.He's young and really has room to grow.His mother passed this year and coming off injury has really had a lot to do the average season he's had.Gab played half the time of Haloti and almost had as much production.Halito is still one of the top 2 NTs in my book.With the right coach to take him under his wing,he could turn into a solid 34 NT for years to come.I think he has more upside then Gab and I don't think he really prepared the way he should have for the combine.I can see him falling if the teams that didn't scout him end up with him on there board with 3 hours to decide.I mean,he went to the combine was expected to be the freak and weight 350,run a 4.80,he runs a 5.12 and is lighter then Big Gab.He didn't impress in the weight room either being only average.All of this will force teams to question his game.One thing teams may over look is the fact that he's only a junior and is developing.

    So what do you guys think of him at #18?
  2. Clove

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    He will never get out of the top ten.
  3. Koojo

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    I hear the same thing every year and someone always falls.
  4. cobra

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    If he falls to us at 18, then yes.

    Likewise, I say yes to Reggie Bush at #18. And Mario Willaims. And A.J. Hawk. And D'brickashaw. I say yes to all of these guys at #18 if they fall to us. We have an equal shot at all of them: 0%
  5. Canadian BoyzFan

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    He will not make it 18...zero chance.imo.

    I suspect he goes to Buffalo.
  6. Koojo

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    Haloti Ngata is border line top 10 his average season and weak combine.He's just not the athlete he was made out to be.I have a lot of questions about him.

    Is he as clumsy and uncordinated as he looked in drills?
    Did the competion he faced have anything to do with the double teams?
    Is he really comited to the game and getting better?
    Hows his knee doing?
    Is he really always as sluggish changing direction as he looked in drills?
    What happened to the freakish speed and size combo?

    These are only a few of the questions going to be asked.
  7. Natedawg44

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    He didn't look very quick or agile against Oklahoma.
    He looks like a duplicate of Junior Savii
  8. burmafrd

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    Gabe Watson is a lot more of a bust possibility then Ngata. Ngata has not been called lazy and was not benched during the last season. Frankly Watson
    has not been that impressive at anything.
  9. dbair1967

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    I agree with ND here...

    I only saw them play twice but honestly dont see what everyone is si high on him about...he did nothing of note in either game I saw, including the OU bowl game...I also keep reading things like he doesnt play with good leverage or dominate, and those are things a 3-4 NT must do

  10. cobra

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    Well, if he falls because teams decide that he is lazy, doesn't make plays, doesn't have very good measureables, then my answer is NO I don't want to draft him.

    If you are telling me he isn't very good and that is why he will fall, then why do the Cowboys want him?

    From what I understand, he is a top 10 pick for a reason in which case I would take him at 18 if he is there. If you are telling me that everyone is suffering under a mass delusion and that he really isn't good, then I say we pass on him.
  11. Hostile

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    He won't get past Buffalo. Book it. The guy is a bull.
  12. Qwickdraw

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    Ngata GOES TO Buffalo. Book it.
  13. Koojo

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    I don't agree that Gab Watson was lazy and took plays off.A NT has to have displain if he plans to say in the game.Gab did his job and the coaches figured that out to late,but they figured it out all the same.Gabs job was to contain the run and colapse the pocket and disrupt the QBs timing on passing downs.He did that and the only time the wolverines could stop anyone was with Gab in there.He only played half the snaps of the other top tackles and if you double his time his numbers will be as good as any NT in the draft.

    Anyway, Barry Colfield looked as good as Buckley at the combine and they stood out more then anyone else.I'm still tring to figure out why Colfields production just isn't there.This guy has all the tools and can't seam to find a way to use them.Maybe with the right coach he could turn into a special player but with his good combine we'd have to reach to get him.

    I seen something on film that leads me to believe Gab is going to a good'n.I bet when the doctor pulled him out and felt his strenth and weight he probably told him he was going to be an NFL NT.He's just born to be one.Gab is is an oak stump to move and I like the way he gets off his blocks to make plays in his space.With the right team,he'll make this next step and have a prosperous career.Gab very seldom gets outside and makes plays but when he's in there you don't run between tackle.

    We have Ferguson for a few more years but I wouldn't count on him completly.Its time to start grooming a NT behind him.
  14. rw54

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    CouchScout says Ngata has a one year LDS mission to fulfill. Anyone hear anything else about this?
  15. ghst187

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  16. CrazyCowboy

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    I would do back flips....and take the card to the commissioner myself....it will never happen....he will be long gone!
  17. marchetta

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    99% of the "professional" mocks I've seen have him going to Buffalo. So, get over it, he'll never fall to us. Anyway, the way I hear it, we're in "love" with Manny Lawson. He's a faster version of D. Ware, if u can believe that.
  18. ghst187

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    If that is true, then I don't like it one bit that anyone knows about it. Lawson is not only faster, but he's an overall better athlete than Ware, just 30 pounds lighter. Lawson is probably the best or at least one of the top 3 overall athletes in this draft, and there are some good ones. He's a freak.
    Now that we signed Ayodele to play ILB, I think Carpenter becomes less of a probability and we'll look for a playmaker on the outside, like Lawson, so it does make some sense. I just wish we had better OPSEC if its true. And I do hope its true..

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