Hanna at WR?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kirkjrk, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Risen Star

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    He could line up outside here and there. He couldn't be a full time WR.
  2. ABQcowboyJR

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    This is what I see for him as well. I'm seeing more of a Dallas Clark kinda guy, more speed though.
  3. Primetime42

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  4. CowboysFaninDC

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  5. ak47kaehu

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    Bruce carter at safety! He runs a 4.4!
  6. cowboyschmps3

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    Keep at tight end, maybe flex him out but not move too receiver. He's our mismatch
  7. jblaze2004

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    this is correct.
  8. jblaze2004

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    what about corner lol. He should of been our slot cb......Garrett:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


  9. Woods

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    As the season progressed, Hanna was being used more. In fact, he was also elevated to the number 2 TE.

    I'd bet next year we'll see even more packages for him.
  10. TheXFactor

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    The coaching staff is awful at utilizing its personal though (otree on the field over Harris and Beasley ) , so while we SHOULD be seeing more Hannah next year, we probably won't. I think he would be great in the slot, with Witten still being on the line.
  11. kirkjrk

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    That would be fine if JG would use him like that. He must be used in order to be productive.
  12. Texan_Eph89

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    It's not the same thing: Apples and Oranges.

    The skill set for a pass catching TE and a WR are much more similar to that of a LB and a S. Put Hanna in the slot much like Hernandez out of NE and voila. In fact, I think you could play him on the outside and he'd do just fine.

    He should remain a TE, but he could play some WR in some formations (End Zone formation of Austin---Hanna---Witten---Dez could pay some dividends).
  13. perrykemp

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    Wasn't the issue with Hanna coming out college supposedly iffy hands?

    I sure didn't see it this year -- I don't remember him dropping a pass.
  14. Deep_Freeze

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    I know Hernandez is a big name, but Hanna just has more upside. There is a world of difference between the 4.49 that Hanna ran and the 4.64 that Hernandez ran. Not to mention Hanna is 3 inches taller.

    Hanna just has alot more upside and should be used on the field alot, and lessens the need of picking up a 3rd WR after we throw Tree out the door.
  15. CowboyMcCoy

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    I like him as a pass catching fullback.
  16. ak47kaehu

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    Im just kiddin man. I think using hanna in the same way the pats use hernandez isnt a bad idea at all!
  17. EPL0c0

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    if Hernandez can succeed in NE, I have no idea how Hanna can't have success here.

    Oh wait, right, Hernandez benefits from better coaching.

    Hanna could go to NE and be a stud. In Dallas, he'll get an occassional target here and there.
  18. Eskimo

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    I don't really understand all the complaints about Dallas coaching and this kid. He was bypassed by every team in the draft despite tremendous measurables and comin from a big-time college program until we took him in the 6th round. He got drafted this low despite freakish measurables and no major off the field issues because he was thought of as an athlete who couldn't play football at a high level.

    Now go forward a year and he looks like a football player who was showcased in certain looks and seemed to be a capable football player.

    Perhaps he was not quite ready for an expanded role and the team views him as a project they will gradually develop as they iron out the weaknesses in his game. Weaknesses that must be corrected lest they result in blowing things up on the offense.

    Given the amount of play we started to see from him and the production we got I figure he will see the field a lot more next year and will look like a much better player after benefitting from a full NFL offseason.
  19. kirkjrk

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    Exactly. Why???
  20. Future

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    That's exactly how Dallas should use him...some sort of WR/TE hybrid. He'd be a matchup nightmare.

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