Happy Birthday Coach Landry

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Post some of your favorite Landry memories. Thought some of you might enjoy this.

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    That was very funny. We miss ya, coach.

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    Walt Garrison was asked if Coach Landry ever smiled. He replied, "I don't know. I only played there 9 years, but you know he must have smiled at least 3 times in his life, because he's got 3 kids."
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    Happy Birthday coach!

  5. percyhoward

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    Favorite memory has to be from the Tom Landry Show. That's when you could really get a feel for what the man was like.

    You could sit back and watch the coach go over film from the previous week's game and listen to his insights. He'd spin the projector backward, and we'd see a pass come zipping back into Staubach's hand, as the coach would point out the great line work on the play.

    For a 15-year run, from 1965-79, the Cowboys finished the season ranked in the league's top 10 in both offense and defense. And the same guy was in charge of both.
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    My favorite memory of Tom Landry was the American Express commercial he shot in a bar full of Redskirt players. The last line was the best when he looks at them and says "Howdy."

    Happy Birthday Coach Landry!
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    A great, great coach and an even better human being. I still miss him.
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    It's amazing how fickle fans are. Even with his history people wanted Landry run out of town on a rail three years prior to his release. His timely departure allowed them to embrace him once again.
  11. BraveHeartFan

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    Fantastic coach, an innovator with some of his offense and defensive stuff, and a great person to boot. You can't ask for much more than that.

    THUMPER Papa

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    IMO the most underrated HC in NFL history. What he accomplished over such a long period of time sets him above Vince Lombardi by a good margin. But I guess that's just my opinion.

    I rank only Paul Brown above Landry as a Head Coach in the NFL.
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    The hat. A touch of class on the sideline.

    The way his former players talk about him is all you need to know about the man. He was a respected coach but a lovable man for those guys.
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    No doubt...i cant imagine him having to wear "sideline gear" like the nfl requires now.

    Happy Birthday coach. :worthy2:

    (Didnt know he shares a birthday with my oldest son)
  15. Cajuncowboy

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    Favorite moment was the first SB win and him being carried off the field.

    The lasting quote from him that I will remember is when they told him he was fired he said something to the effect of... "They're taking my team away from me?"

    I still get choked up when I think about that.

    We miss ya coach!
  16. robjgrif

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    That was great!!!
  17. NorthTexan95

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    I'm honored to be able to say I once had the pleasure to shake his hand.

    I know you're resting in peace, Coach Landry.
  18. WV Cowboy

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    I know what you mean, I had the honor of shaking his hand twice, ... once under the stadium after they played the Steelers in 3 Rivers, and once after a Fellowship of Christian Athletes dinner in Morgantown at WVU.

    One of my favorite stories was told by Hollywood Henderson, I believe in his book.

    He tells the story about when they were at one of the Super Bowl victory parties, beside a pool.

    Several players decided they would toss him in the pool.

    Well, they did, but he took five players in with him.

    And then as the players swam over to the side and climbed out of the pool, Landry slowly walked the length of the pool and walked up the steps in the shallow end.

    Always stoic, always in control of the situation.

    The man is a legend in my book, on and off the field.

    Miss ya coach.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I remember George Allen once said that he wanted to face off with Landry one-on-one and I would have loved to have seen that happen because Landry would have crushed Allen (and I hated George Allen).

    While Allen was always in great shape, so was Landry plus Landry had been a professional athlete while Allen had only played in college. There's a big difference there. Plus, Landry was 6 years younger than Allen.

    I would have loved to see a Celebrity Death Match between them.

    Bud Grant was another guy from that era who could have given a good showing in the ring. A former pro basketball and football player. He played End and led the Eagles in sacks in 1951. I never knew that before today.

    Maybe a toughman competition for the 70s era HCs. Landry, Allen, Grant, Shula, Noll, Coryell, etc. Cool idea!

    I don't think Madden would have done very well though. :D
  20. Hagman

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    One of the best articles I read about Tom was from Pat Toomay after his death. It's one of those things that's always stuck in my mind. He admits mixed feelings about his coach over the years, but looks back with nothing but genuine love and respect.

    Tom Landry was a boyhood hero and role model for me. I'm lucky I had heroes like him and Roger to look up to.

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