Happy Birthday KEY.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CM Duck, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. CM Duck

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    PTI(my favorite show on espn) said today is Key's 33rd B-day.

    Since loudmouth/egotistical WRs are the hot topic as of late, he is at the limit of what I can stand a WR's ego to be.

    But I gotta say, Irvin had the perfect mix of a big mouth, big ego, and big game. There will never be another WR worthy of wearing #88 for the Cowboys ever again IMO.
  2. ravidubey

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    Agreed. It was sacrilege watching Jackie Harris wear that number the very next year after Irvin went down.

    I worry about Key's health more so than I evey worried about Irvin because no one takes worse hits than Keyshawn Johnson. "Elusive" is not in the man's vocabulary.
  3. Fletch

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    Happy Birthday Keyshawn! Just give us a productive 900 plus yards receiving and 7 TD's in 2005-06 and I will be one happy camper. :)
  4. Compacity

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    Happy B-Day Keyshawn... I hope Dallas trades for your present... Mr. Owens...

    But knowing Parcells he do not like Bad Boy Wide Recievers and he got one in Keyshawn...You know the bad boy receivers is the ones that's dominating...

    and who ever else yall could name..
  5. Hoods

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    Keyshawn hasn't been a "bad boy" to our team since he's got here. By the way, where are these "dominating bad boys" on the Patriots team? Just curious.
  6. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

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    The last bad boy that won a SB, i think was Key:D:D you know with TB
  7. 50cent

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    You mean to tell me your cheering for a guy that is just like TO, but you hate TO? What a hypocrite you are. Asl ong as they wear the star, your okay with it, but the are the anti-christ when they wear another uniform. Your a joke! HAppy early birthday to TO!
  8. Kilyin

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    Look at Keyshawn's salary this year, and the fact that he's not holding out. Now tell us he's just like TO. Keyshawn is nothing like TO.
  9. Waffle

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    Oh yes he has! He said he wanted to "spank" Pam Oliver last year. ;)
  10. stilltheguru

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    i wont lie i didnt like keyshawn when he wasnt a cowboy but i do like him now because he is one but ive always respected him cause he plays all out.

    i still HATE owens but i do respect his game also.

    another reason i hate owens is because hes overrated by his fans and they make me hate him some more.lol
  11. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

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    Wow the last time i checked, Key didnt disgrace our star THREE times, Key is nothing like TO, theonly thing you can say that remolty connects the two is that they want the ball and verbaly speak out there opinions about there team, but then of course when Key gets around BP that doenst seem to be a problem now does it? But im' willing to bet that if TO comes, were gonna have to deal with worse crap from him,
  12. RoysAHitta

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    i like key but he shouldnt be used in the same sentence as T.O. or randy moss. hes so slow its sad to watch.
  13. Kilyin

    Kilyin Well-Known Member

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    He's also a possession receiver. Doesn't need "blazing speed".
  14. Big Country

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    So you're saying that TG should have about 750 yds and 8 TDs right... with of course about a 18 yards per catch. That would be our big play receiver...

    Then we would need 1300 yards and 12 TDs from Morgan right... man do you think that's stretching it a bit... Hope not... I'd like to see Q. Morgan produce like he was supposed to.

    Then let Witten go crazy after that with his version of another pro-bowl year. Another 70 to 80 grabs would do just fine.

  15. JackMagist

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    Please don't disrespect Keyshawn by comparing him to that worthless POS Owens. Keyshawn is nothing like TO. Yes he is opinionated and vocal when he doesn't like what is going on but he has never held out on a contract that he signed...Gruden sat him down, Key didn't make that choice. But he has been there when eh was supposed to be there. He had some problems with one coach...Chucky Gruden...some personalities just clash and theirs did. Beyond that he has never really been a problem; he's not a self aggrandizing showboat nor a locker room cancer with his teammates like TO. And he works within the community and tries to be a good member of society…I have never heard that about your boy.
  16. Dawgs0916

    Dawgs0916 Will the Thrill

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    I agree, how you can compare someone like Keyshawn, who pumps his teammates up when he needs to instead of putting them down and saying they crumble under pressure is BS. TO could care less if his team wins as long as his stats are there and he gets to make a new dance for his touchdown each time he gets in there. Keyshawn cares about the good of the team and will put his health on the line for the team, as evidenced in the way he goes across the middle and constantly puts his body at risk.
  17. Qwickdraw

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    Keyshawn Johnson never wished ME a Happy Birthday...
  18. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

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    exactly, you never once see TO scarfice himself for the good of the team, he never does anything that helps his team, unless it benfits him, and that 50 cent is not Key. Evident by thsi last yera in dallas
  19. Compacity

    Compacity Benched

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    Im not talking about money wise bad boys... Im talking about attitudes on the field and sidelines... Like Antonio Bryant wants the ball most of the time if not all the time...
    We are not talking about finacials...just on the field and sideline behavior...
    O. K
  20. Banned_n_austin

    Banned_n_austin Benched

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    I just hope that Key and Irvin aren't partying together ...

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