Happy Veterans Day To All Veterans Here.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ologan, Nov 11, 2007.

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    To all you who served,or are serving now,thanks from a fellow veteran. It would be interesting to know in what capacity you served,or are serving.
    I served my three years in various capacities,including duty at Ft. Bliss, Ft. Sam,and the ROK as a ADA battery exec and BC. This was in the early 70's,and I was actually on levee for VietNam when they changed it to Korea one week before I was to ship out. Back then,most of my buddies were in 'Nam,serving as FO's. Many of them didn't come home.

    Our ADA batteries were charged with defending Korean airspace,utilizing Hawk and improved Hawk missiles. Some of my friends went another direction,and worked on a fledgeling program at the time called Patriot,and a couple of them are still active on PAC 3 and THAAD. Hell,if I'd stayed in,I might be a general officer now,too! NOT!!!!!
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    I was at Ft. Bliss, Ft Sam Houston and Korea as well. Although I was a combat medic.

    Now This was way after viet nam so there is no chance we were at the same places at the same time.

    Either way it is cool to see someone that served in the same places even if there were a good deal of years difference when we were there.

    Back to the topic.

    Happy Veterans day to all who have or are currently serving. They have earned it.
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    Ft. Jackson for basic, Ft. Sam and McClellan for AIT. Then to Giesen Germany. I was in chemical decon.

    I was in Germany when they started shipping troops to the first Gulf War and barely missed going.

    And a big thanks too all vets.
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    Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and serving as well.

    Served 1976 - 1980 & 1983 - 2000, Aviation Ordnanceman, USN.

    Stationed in Diego Garcia, Guam, & Kuwait, most of time home based in NAS Lemoore, Ca. Made 5 deployments (4 WESTPACs and 1 Med), including participation of "Operation Desert Storm".

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