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  1. jdalive2004

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    It premiers this Wednesday on HBO. Can someone please record and upload the series here? :bow:

    STAR GAZER Benched

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    Check out the video section at Cowboys Media. The preseason part of the "Games of 2008" page...........
  3. dannyz

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    Hopefully someone will seed a nice HD version (h.264) as a torrent after each episode airs. That is the only way to get it out to everyone without killing a website that hosts it... I'll be searching the newsgroups and torrent searches tomorrow to see if I can find anything out there, but if you anyone sees something, post it up.
  4. Skidadl

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    I don't see it. Is it there?
  5. VegasMalone

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  6. donatop

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    ozone torrents won't even let me load the page, and cowboys media is asking for a username and password with no where to register. this is pissing me off i really want to watch this
  7. Heisenberg

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    In the videos section, before you click a season, there's this Matrix animation. Right below that is the login.
  8. MtlCowboy

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    watched it last night and it is getting me more excited about this team.

    thanks again star gazer. looking everywhere for it since we can't get it in Canada. looking forward to ep02
  9. donatop

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    Thanks a lot I'm going to check that out, much respect
  10. thomas_22

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    Its on nfl.com you dont have to download or register for anything
  11. Cowboystd

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    They have it on HBO.com too, buy i heard it's only gonna be there for a week and thats the only show that will be available online. That sucks cause i dont have HBO.*******s cut it off regular cable!
  12. big dog cowboy

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    :welcome: to the CowboysZone!!!
  13. ka0tik

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN! :starspin

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