Harrington anyone?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by JakeCamp12, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. JakeCamp12

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    Now that Joey Harrington has been released, what do you think of a Bledsoe, Harrington and Henson QB lineup for 2006? Or how about Bledsoe, Harrington and Romo? Or are you happy with the Bledose, Romo, Henson line-up currently on the roster?
  2. theebs

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    Not sure where he is going, he has got nothing but negatives all around him..his old coach is in phillly but they have garcia....

    so not sure where he goes, maybe as a backup in minnesota, cinncinati or pittsburgh...
  3. jazzcat22

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    I don't believe I wasted my 30 seconds to vote on another let's get another QB thread. :)
  4. baj1dallas

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    Harrington will be a very good vet backup pickup for some team other than Dallas.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with Minn. They need a qb.
  6. Everlastingxxx

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    I would take a rotting dead corpse over Harrington.

    Harrington, Carr = Bust
  7. RealCowboyfan

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    More like Bledsoe, Romo, Harrington... I like Harrington better than I like Henson...
  8. ThreeSportStar80

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    After Bledsoe it's nothing to write home to mom about... LOL

  9. Glenn Carano

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    A very big no thanks.
  10. Glenn Carano

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    Not true. I actually wrote my mom aa letter about a month ago and it was all about Drew Henson.
  11. Cochese

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    If Bledsoe goes down, the Cowboys are screwed no matter which of the three stooges of Romo , Harrington or Henson gets in.
  12. peplaw06

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    I actually think Harrington still has the measurables to be a good QB... he's a project, he just needs to be broken down and built back up. I think if he gets with a coach who is willing to do that he may be a decent QB in the league. Now are the Cowboys going to do that?? Nope
  13. Cochese

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    No way in the world will Harrington ever amount to anything in the NFL.

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