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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by LaTunaNostra, Nov 16, 2005.

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    From the Detroit Free Press, comments from a fan survey.

    Joey gets QB nod from fans

    November 16, 2005

    If Jeff Garcia is healthy enough, Lions coach Steve Mariucci intends to start him over Joey Harrington on Sunday at Dallas. We asked you who should start, and an overwhelming majority sided with Harrington. A sampling of your replies:

    If I could see another game like the last one, I'd say Joey, but 75% of that win was from Arizona's ineptness. Dallas looks pretty good, so I guess it's Jeff.

    Tim Breitag,

    Since neither QB earned the right to be the bona fide starter, Mooch has to stick with the hot hand.

    John Hodgkinson,
    London, Ontario

    Joey Harrington. We already know what Jeff can do, and he is on his last leg (no pun intended).

    Michael Priest,
    Sterling Heights

    I really don't think it makes a whole lot of difference. I just wish we didn't have to start Matt Millen.

    Tonya Church,
    Rochester Hills

    I think Joey proved he could get the job done when he has time to throw the ball and the receivers don't drop the ball.

    Ken Cannon,

    I live in Cleveland so I've seen the real Jeff Garcia. Not good. You have to go with Joey. He just played well, has a better arm and is healthy.

    Greg Sharp,

    C'mon, Mooch! It's a no-brainer! Give Joey another chance!

    Jonathan Racey,
    Trumbull, Conn.

    I worry that Mariucci will repeat the mistakes of Fontes and Ross before him -- Fontes in benching Erik Kramer and Ross in benching Scott Mitchell. Now we're going to rebench Joey after he outplayed Kurt Warner and the rest of the NFL? Sounds like deja vu all over again.

    Mike Fisher,

    I vote for Orlovsky!

    Jim Radke,
    Farmington Hills

    How can there be a question? One QB has a rating of 120.7, the second-highest of his career. The other QB is at best 70% by his own admission. If that doesn't show us the disdain that Mariucci has for Harrington, I don't know what will.

    Nick Holloway,

    While it's obvious Coach M has lost patience and confidence with Joey, he is also wrong to pin the team's destiny in the hands of a has-been. He may as well sign Steve Young and Joe Montana while he's at it.

    Denny Budziszewski,

    It doesn't matter, as the Lions will not win in Dallas.

    Jim Borkowski,
    Bottineau, N.D.

    Neither Joey nor Jeff will beat the Cowboys. The Lions should find out if Manny Legace can throw a football.

    Fred Scensny,
    Columbus, Mich.

    Joey. Just don't name him the starter. He might play better when he has nothing to lose.

    Tony White,
    Battle Creek

    Neither. The Lions should start Mariucci. Maybe then he would realize how conservative and inept his play-calling really is. Otherwise, Joey should start. They had a nice rhythm going on Sunday and would be a nice change to see if they could keep some offense going against a good team.

    David Rose,
    Grand Rapids

    Roy and Joey seem to have some hint of chemistry. Joey is coming off a good game, and that momentum is needed. Garcia is injured and has not proven he is capable of being better than Joey.

    Russ Schonmeier,
    East Grand Forks, Minn.

    Since Matt Millen is responsible for running this team into the ground, how about we start him at QB this week and let him take a few well-deserved hits?

    Ivan Alter,
    Chappaqua, N.Y.

    It should be Joey, as it should have been all year. Mooch cost us the second Bears game by not starting Joey. This whole QB situation is caused by the media, the coach and some of the team members not supporting him.

    Jake Rewa,
    Nashville, Tenn.

    I am not a great fan of Harrington, but he sure is more talented then the coach's man, Mr. Garcia.

    Donald Perliss,
    West Bloomfield

    The Lions need to start Harrington. Mariucci needs to put his days in San Fran and his delusions of Garcia behind him.

    Scott Baker,
    Shelby Township

    What's to be gained by playing Garcia? The Lions can't plan their long-term future around him. Let Joey play. Who knows, he might just find himself.

    Bob Schwenter,
    Green Valley, Ariz.

    I think Joey should play to give Jeff one more week to heal so we don't get embarrassed on Thanksgiving Day.

    Scott A. Pinder,
    Abaco, Bahamas

    Joey should get the start regardless of Jeff's health status. Some people downplay Harrington's recent performance because it came against Arizona, but let's not forget that Garcia's only win came against Cleveland.

    Michael Koehs,
    Shelby Township

    Does it really matter who the captain of the Titanic is? The results will be the same.

    Robert Demery,
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    :laugh2: Fans are the same all over the world.

    Thanks for posting that LaTuna.
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    Yup, and no matter how stale the Titanic references get, they are still funny.
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    I'm just glad that it's not us for a change (this year) debating who should start at QB. Drew Bledsoe has exceeded most folks expectations.
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    I have visions of 7-3 going into the Thanksgiving game against Denver.

    The remaining schedule is tough. But NY, Washington, and KC have been proven mortal. After Denver, Carolina will be our biggest challenge.

    We haven't made the playoffs yet ... we have some major stumbling blocks ahead of us.

    As for Detroit ... I still can't get over the fact that they ran and threw all over us in that 1991 playoff game. We had trouble with Run and Shoot teams all year.

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