Harvey Martin's name was not mentioned as the Co-MVP

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Gryphon, Feb 7, 2006.

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    TAKEN FROM ANOTHER FORUM: Angrier by the day

    You want something to really get torqued up about?

    It really bugged me that Harvey Martin's name was not mentioned as the Co-MVP along with Randy White when Randy was introduced, that was very classless and wrong to not honor Harvey's name especially since he was the only MVP from the past 40 SB's that has passed away, you know that Randy White had to have been feeling that.

    Anyway, I was listening to Troy Aikman this morning on AM radio 1310 The Ticket while driving to the office and he said at the Media / NFL meeting he went to for instructions on how they were going to handle the past SB MVP introductions, (kind of a dress rehearsal) the meeting room had framed pictures of all the MVP's hanging around the room and Harvey Martin's photo was not next to Randy's. It was not anywhere, and not even a nameplate. The pamphlets they had printed and set on the luncheon tables at each chair also had all the MVP's names listed, in order and Harvey's name was not there either....

    Troy said he went up to an NFL league office representative that was present for this session (he would not name the name, classy) and mentioned to him, "Hey, no one but us is going to see this room and these photos and pamphlets have nothing to do with the on the field in-person introductions, but Harvey was a SB MVP, how come his photo is not up here like Randy's is and his name is no where to be found?" He said he got no answer to his question other than "this meeting is a dress rehearsal for the guys walking out on the field tomorrow".

    THAT is ANTI Cowboy bias my friends, emanating down from the league office, all the proof needed that Dallas gets as many shafts, slights and oversights as they can, thrown our way.

    A lot of times a team must be lucky to make it to the SB, the calls and the balls must bounce their way. For Dallas to make it back to the SB you can count luck out of it, we will just have to plain old fashioned dominate the league again and that's just fine with me, give them all a black eye again on the way back, wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Beyond any notions of bias, it's just ridiculously disrespectful to the memory of one the great defensive ends of our time. You have to love Troy, not only for noticing, but also for bringing it up. A true Cowboy and an absolute legend is Troy!
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    Troy is a Cowboy, through and through.
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    Some more feedback from another poster in another forum:

    He was not even listed on the wall with the rest of the mvps, although randy white the co mvp of the game was. He is dead and not able to defend himself.

    His wife was on with mike doocey on sunday night and she was crying on the show she was so upset. She said her daughter would have represented her father for the ceremony but no one ever asked them.

    The local Dallas media noticed this first thing last monday and brought it up repeatedly, in fact gregg williams of the hardline talked about it every day and nothing was ever done about it.

    It really is a shame and mickey spagnola put it in the best terms saying they wouldnt just leave out joe namath if he was dead.

    It really was a travesty.

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