Has anyone been keeping up with the Zimmerman trial?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by 5Stars, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. iceberg

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    i wish 500 people would define justice on a clear basis before they go out demanding it.
  2. neosapien23

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    The guy was just found not guilty of a jury of his peers...The stand your ground law is a great law despite your feelings against it. It allows someone to defend themselves against life threatening situations. Now I'm not saying George Zimmerman did not exhibit poor judgment but all the evidence shows that Travon Martin was definitely winning the physical altercation before he was shot. People cannot go around punching people and not expect to be shot if the person getting punched has a legit conceal and carry license which Zimmerman did. Should Zimmerman have stayed in his car? Absolutely, but that fact does not make him a murderer. When someone commits murder, it has to be proven with facts that the person being convicted killed someone with ill intent. Now I am not saying that Zimmerman did not murder Travon because I was not there and do not know what truly happened. I do not know if Travon was scared and jumped on Zimmerman first because that is what most of us are taught to do. The first punch usually determines the winner of a fight. Maybe Travon was scared and wanted to make it home safely. I also do not know if maybe Travon was a thug who just liked to fight, I don't know. What I do know is that there was not enough evidence justly lock up Zimmerman for murder and to do so would have sent a bad precedence to the rest of us legal gun owners. A legit conceal and carry handgun license is a great asset to someone like myself who follows the law and respects life. I am a family man, do not drink, have not been a fist fight since I was in the army which was over nine years ago, but if someone begins a physical altercation with me, I will shoot them if I think the situation cannot be contained with my fists. If someone was trying to beat me and had all of his friends, that person would end up with a hole in the chest. I do not want to be afraid to use a handgun because some people are truly ignorant about its use and charge me with murder. I have heard some truly stupid things like Zimmerman should have fired a warning shot to scare Travon. If someone was stupid enough to pull out a gun and fire a warning shot to scare me, I would sucker punch them and shoot them with their own gun. That is not the way real life works. If any of us can learn anything from this, it is that you can be shot by someone if your are beating their *** and they have a handgun which is why the stand your ground law was made to begin with.
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    When your laws allow neighborhood watch people to carry guns then this is what you get Zimmerman is innocent according to the law and that's a good thing, people shouldn't get convicted off emotions. I'm not going to blame Zimmerman for this but i could write a long rant about what i think of laws that allow this...

    Pepper spray or a tazer would be more appropriate weapons for security guards that would have just as effectively ended the confrontation, but that's a hole other topic.
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    I think this thread has ran it's course.
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