Has anyone ever been to a Raider game?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by EveryoneElse, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. EveryoneElse

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    I'm going to the game this weekend. I'm wondering if it's as bad a fanbase to be around as I've heard. I'm going regardless. My seats are directly above the blackhole(idiot ville in back of the endzone). I'm know opposing fans can get anal eveywhere, but I'm just wondering if I should be worried.

    I'l be sporting my Dallas gear no matter what. I just hope I don't sit next to the guy that shanked that Charger fan a few years back.
  2. Justis

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    I haven't, but you be careful in Oakland, I hear some really bad things about that city.
  3. Mansta54

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    I've been to a RAIDER game and yes it's a different crowd. It sticks out too. You're gonna see alot of "biker" type folks. Lots of leather, chains, tattoos, and yes they are wild and aggressive. You'll be ok though, just REPRESENT....
  4. ·[A]koN·

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    .. Its Cali wut can u expect... :p:
  5. EveryoneElse

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    Thanks. I'm going with my stepbrother, his grandpa(both raider fans), and a friend of mine(cowboy fan). I'm sure I'll be safe. I'll have my Cowboy blue on from head to toe.
  6. DallasDomination

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    Raider fans always think they can over power or kick everyones ***.

    Lets treat them like the animals they are lol.
  7. dguinta1

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    Lucky! Only been to Cowboys Giants or Cowboys Jets game here in NY. I needs to go to big D real damn soon!
  8. Mansta54

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    It will be a "eye opener", not your normal crowd at all. Enjoy the game....
  9. EveryoneElse

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    I've been thinking about getting some tattoos and learning some gang signs, just so I can fit in.
  10. Hostile

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    I have a friend that has been. He is a Broncos fan but has never had any issues. Part of that is that he isn't trying to show anyone up, but mostly it is because he's just a funny guy. He swears he bought all the Raiders fans surrounding him a beer and that they were nice to him the rest of the day. Of course he also swears he was drunker than any of them because they bought him beer too.

    What I gathered most from him is that most raiders fans are cool and that you'll know which ones to avoid.
  11. Ashwynn

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    I am thinking the only stadiums I would not feel comfy at are the Raiders and the Browns. Not that I would want to go to either city, but if I did, I would NOT wear cowboy colors at a raiders home game. I dont know if the reps true, but I surely do respect that rep and wont tempt fate.
  12. Billy Bullocks

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    Homey, you might wanna go in neutral colors. I just know this because my boys are Raiders fans, and I've gotten **** in Pre Season when Dallas has played there. Look out kid. Black Hole, some crazy fool will throw beer at you. In SF you can do what you want, they are p*****. Raider faithful are not to be ****ed with.
  13. TheOneROWilliE

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    just wear it proud and maybe they will repect you a little more
  14. BillsFan

    BillsFan Bledsoe for MVP

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    Brrr yeah you might want to reconsider showing up in your Boy's gear.

    It's cool to show your support and all but if it means you could be harassed throughout the game, it might ruin the whole thing for you. That is one of the nastiest fan bases right there.

    Please tell us how it went when you get back. Hope you have fun.
  15. Tricked

    Tricked Fascinated

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    i've been to 2, both cowboy games, one pre-season the other regular season (in 2001).. and i gotta tell you, their fans are the most ignorant people you'll encounter, especially once they get a few beers in them.. i had a few guys pick fights with me, people would spit on the opposing teams fans, "oops, i didn't mean to spill my beer" wasn't too uncommon =|

    i too, wore my cowboy gear, to both games, proudly :D even though we lost both games... i was only in the blackhole once, and everytime emmitt would get the ball (i was weraing an emmitt jersey) this idiot behind me would scream "break his leg!"
  16. Smith22

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    Never been there, but good luck. I've heard plenty of bad things about the crowds at those games.
  17. Tenkamenin

    Tenkamenin Well-Known Member

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    lol! Sounds like you're trying to get killed if you want to learn gang signs.

    Oakland fans aren't that bad, there will be a TON of Cowboy fans at the game so you won't feel out of place. It'll probably be similiar to what we saw at the Chargers game, matter of fact there could be more Cowboys fans.
  18. Nav22

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    I grew up 12 miles from Oakland and went to a Cowboys-Raiders game there back in '95 with my dad. I was sporting my Aikman jersey and a Cowboys hat, and the Cowboys won 34-21 (they went on to win Super Bowl XXX that year).

    After the game, angry Raiders fans chucked cups and other crap at the Cowboys players as they exited to the locker room. It got so bad that Troy Aikman publicly criticized the fans after the game, and Oakland Coliseum adopted a new rule banning alcohol sale after the 3rd quarter. There were a few fights in the parking lot, most of them ending with battered/bloodied Cowboys fans. I was cussed out by a bunch of angry Raiders fans, most of them drunken grown men.

    Oh...did I mention I was 10 years old at the time?

    Anyways, I'm going to the game this weekend, and I still haven't decided if I'm gonna be sporting my Dallas gear. I desperately want to represent, but I haven't decided if it's worth the risk. I'm going with a friend who's a diehard Raiders fan and will be repping his Raider gear, so maybe that will keep me safer?

    **Another fun fact about the game back in '95. Both teams entered the game 8-2, and we had just lost vs. San Francisco the week before. That was the game where Steve Young was hurt, Elvis Grbac lit us up, and we lost 38-20.

    Well, we beat the Raiders that day, injured their QB (Jeff Hostetler) for the season, and the Raiders didn't win another game that year...finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs while we went on to win it all.**
  19. morasp

    morasp Well-Known Member

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    I've heard stories of guys going to the hospital after fights and getting stabbed. I would really be leary of wearing cowboy gear there. Especially considering how bad were going to beat them.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Went to one Raiders game when they were in LA and left at Halftime. I swore I would never go to another one. Their fans are the worst I have ever personally seen (never been to an Eagles game).

    I used to get free tickets to all of the sporting events in LA but I gave away all of the Raiders tickets after that one time. It is just not enjoyable for me to have to watch my back while trying to watch the game. There were lots of fights and stuff being thrown at opposing teams fans. Constant yelling and taunting, and God help you if you brought your wife or girlfriend to the game because those animals are merciless towards women.

    They have no regard for kids either as we saw a guy with two little boys wearing Cowboys jerseys had beer dumped on their heads, food and cups thrown at them, and a constant stream of profanity shouted their way. Eventually the dad got into a fight with several of them and was only rescued by a bunch of Cowboys fans and the cops who FINALLY showed up even though there had been numerous complaints.

    I used to like the Raiders back in the late 60s & 70s but when they moved to LA I stopped liking them. I did meet some of the players and for the most part they were pretty cool (except for Lyle Alzado who I almost got into a fight with because I was looking at his woman).

    I played basketball with Marcus Allen and Howie Long a few times in Manhattan Beach and they were very nice guys. Howie took it easy on us but Allen is a full on competitor and the hardest guy I have ever met. His body was like concrete! I was bigger than him and was used to bulling guys out of my way but hitting him was like running into a steel pole, I bouced off of him and hurt for days afterwards. It was amazing!

    I don't particularly hate the Raiders players but I can't stand their fans and I do hate the team, especially Al Davis for reasons too numerous to list here.

    My advice, sell the tickets and watch the game on TV.

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