Has Carson made the team?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Looks like Carson may have secured a roster spot on the Cowboys. His ability to play full back in goal line situations may enable him to stay on the team despite being pushed by youngsters Ratliff, Johnson and Van Hoy.

    A couple of weeks ago when there was a thread about full backs and H-backs, I mentioned Dallas had some athletic defensive linemen they could bring in to play full back in goal line situations. I actually didn't imagine that Carson would be the guy that did it. He whiffed on one attempt and knocked another guy back on another run. Bill likes multi faceted players, so he may remain a Cowboy this season.
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    I think Carson's fate with the team depends entirely on his knee condition.

    I'd like to see Ryan Fowler play some FB as a lead blocker. He did it at Duke from time to time.
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    If we are depending on Carson to be our goal line fb then we will have problems all year.
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    Yeah Moose sure hated seeing him in there at FB.
    I agree, its up to his knee's....

    I like Fowler too Quickdraw...Just maybe not at FB! :)

    A player like Polite has much better quickness & experence blocking IMO...

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