Has there ever been a QB as unclutch?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Dude, get over this home vs. road thing. Romo is 1-7 in win-or-go-home games, 1-4 in playoff games, and I believe 0-5 in road win-or-go-home games. Sure, he's had to play the majority of his most important games on the road, but part of that is because he's only ever been on one impressive team, the 13-3 season. Let's not forget, he went 0-1 in the playoffs that season and lost at home. You have to earn home playoff games by having regular season success. So, in part it's Romo's fault for not earning the right to play his most important games at home. And, as I said before, Rodgers, Eli, Ben, Peyton and Brady have all won playoff games on the road. Hell, Rodgers, Eli and Ben needed to win 3 in a single postseason to make the Super Bowl. You've been arguing for about 10 hours now that Romo has lost his important games because they've been road games. Well, when you win your division every year like Brady and Peyton do, you can play those games at home. It's not like the NFC East has been so brutal these last few years. A 9-7 team won it last year and a 10-6 team won it this year. If anything, it should be the easiest division to win. Cowboys fans heavily overrate the strength of the NFC East. Be grateful you don't have to play 2 games against the Patriots or Packers every year.
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    The Rams game was at Texas Stadium. 32 years is a long time ago, LOL

    I did not even pay attention to road or home because it doesn't matter if you are a good team you win no matter where you play...
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    I guess you blame White for the '82 loss to Washington even thought Danny did not play in the second half? I wished he would have instead of Hogeboom...
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    Also, people want to say that Eli did an epic choke job this season, but when the Giants played the Eagles at 1 PM on Sunday, they still had playoff hopes and they needed to win. It was a win-or-go-home game. And what did Eli do? He threw 5 TDs and led his team to a 42-7 win. You can't compare the clutch-ness of a single game to that of a stretch of games. Romo was clutch in the final stretch of games to end this season. But he was not clutch in the final game to make the playoffs. Eli was not clutch in the final stretch of games to finish this season, but when he needed to win a single game (the last game) to have a shot at the playoffs, he annihilated the Eagles. I'm not defending Eli. I'm just saying it's stupid to defend Romo by using the argument "but Eli choked away a 6-2 record." If I recall correctly, Romo choked away a 3 game lead with a month left last year.
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    Hogeboom was awful. The worse thing Coach Landry did was make him a starter. Danny was a good Qb and won many big playoff games. I don't ever remember him being the major cause of those playoff losses.
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    He wasn't.

    Some of the other posters in this thread want to make an issue that Danny was 0-4 in road elimination games and that Romo is 0-5. I find that laughable. No one player totally determines the out come of an NFL game. They all contribute to wins and losses. Danny struggled in some of those playoff losses (Philadelphia in '80, LA in '85) but that doesn't mean he "choked." Others struggled just as bad. Wilbert Montgomery ran wild as did Eric Dickerson during those games. Teams win and lose games, not individuals. Romo made a huge mistake last night no doubt, but to lay that loss solely on Tony is not right. Hatcher made a huge bone head mistake, Ware looked lost out there, and Garrett's play calling kills me :(

    Plenty of blame to go around...
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    Dude, far from crying we're cackling about stats and facts!

    If your boy and his team would only fail in years following Super Bowl wins like Eli & The Jints your life would be pain free!
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    I don't blame Danny for anything, I thought he was a good player. My only intent was to show that it is hard to win these games as an underdog on the road. 1-4 is just as good as Troy so if anything that should make you feel better. I personally am against the whole quarterback as a starting pitcher concept that the media has latched ahold of, but there's nothing I can do about it.
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    I really think that Orton playing last night would have won us the game, then again we could have won it with another 20 Starting NFL QB's.

    But to be fair, with Orton or any of those 20 NFL QB's (obviously not counting the top 10 or so) at QB we wouldn't have been in the position to win the NFC East on the last week of the season, we had the opportunity because of the way Romo played the second half of the season.

    That's what we get with Romo, you have to take the good with the bad, it is what it is.

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    John Elway
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    Yes but his poor play is why we had such a bad record first half. He is good at covering his mistakes. However when the bright lights come out he will turn it over. Maybe he is getting paid to do this? hahaha like the dude in The Longest Yard lol
  14. DWhite Fan

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    Don't be shocked but we agree, LOL! :)

    I apologize for categorizing you as a White "brasher" then. I mis-understood your intentions. So you will know, I readily admit things did not go well for Danny or Dallas back then. In other words, White did not get it done in the eyes of most and I have to live with that.

    I have always wondered how Danny would be remembered if he had lead the team to one title (should have happen in '81). I just hope that, when Romo finishes his career as a Cowboy, I am not left wondering the same about him...

    Lord, I hate how this season ended :(

    Happy New Year to you! God bless:starspin
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    This team was 5-3 when Garret took over and with Kitna as QB.

    Is Tony more talented than Kitna, yeah, but he's not the better game manager. We don't need stats and huge numbers. We just need a guy who can utilize the talent around him (Like Kitna) and not make costly mistakes.

    I don't want the next Staubauch or Aikman. I just want a guy who won't make the same boneheaded plays at the most crucial times. A game manager. We don't always have to have a Superstar QB (although the media slobbers all over any Dallas QB).

    I just want a guy who can manage the game.
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    lol at wanting a game manager at QB with a bottom 5 OL and a godawful defense and terrible coaching
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    Danny White was a horse collar tackle away (Eric Wright tackling Drew Pearson) from getting to Super Bowl 16. Not to mention getting to three straight NFC Championship games. Romo is a step below Danny White IMO.

    Though I will admit that those early 80's Dallas teams were far more loaded with talent than what Romo has around him.
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    The same quality OL and defense were present during Kitna's days. Only difference was Rob Ryan's absence.

    Game manager would live to see another play; not throw it to the other team.
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    Your argument of using Aikman's road playoff record as opposed to Romo's has flaws.

    Aikman's loss in San Francisco was against a "Bought Pro Bowl Team" that was unstoppable that year and if I remember correctly damn near came back late in the second half having to throw all game because of the early three tunovers.

    The other road loss I remember was against a good Carolina Panthers Dom Capers defensive team and his offensive line was a shambles in that game and took a punishment.

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