Hasselback for S.Jackson

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by jcollins28, Sep 23, 2005.

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    I'm absolutely loaded at R/B with the following players:

    S Jackson
    M Anderson
    S Davis
    W Parker
    L Johnson
    S Alexander
    W McGahee

    However I do not have a QB what so ever. I have been trying to find a partner for a trade but the only bite I have had so far is an offer for Steven Jackson. In return I would get Matt Hasselback. I really think that Jackson is the better player here but I do not have a lot to choose from. I'm I to high on Jackson or is this an o.k deal?
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    I think it's a good trade... especially if you are in need of a QB.

    Jackson is never gonna be what Alexander and Parker are. And Johnson and McGahee are great backups. Jackson is buried beneath these guys right now. Go ahead and trade if you're not using him and are getting a QB that you will use.
  3. Danny White

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    There have to be better options than Hasselbeck in FA aren't there?

    Heck, Bledsoe would be better!

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