Hasselback or Culpepper

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by CowboysNumeroUno, Aug 16, 2004.

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    Just had my fantasy Draft, I got QB Hasselback, my bud got QB Culpepper.
    This same guy has a Seahawks fetish and wants Hasselback.
    I need to know how much better Culpepper will be this season than Hasselback, because I am considering a trade.

    Just would like some opinions
  2. MOSSisGOD

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    after culpepper throws 4 touchdowns to #84 and runs another one in week 1, you will know EXACTLY how much better Culpepper is.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agreed...and from what I read Marcus Robinson was a little iffy in camp and there were talks of Nate Burleson (sp?) might become the #2 WR.....but with Robinsons showing in the preseason I would imagine he is back on top.

    Add into that the news that Bennett seems to be having a very good camp and they have a very good backup in O-Smith....makes for an interesting offence.

    I am not sure about the statistics last year in INTS between the two QBs....but I think it is fair to say that Culpepper should put up better fantasy numbers with his receiving corp and his ability to run.

    The only thing that IMO is in Hass's favor statwise is the fumbling problem that seems to plague Culpepper.
  4. Danny White

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    If you can do it straight up, I'd take that trade in a second!

    Go for it.
  5. ArkCowboy

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    its not even close
    culpepper all day long!

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