Hatcher has signed with Wash *4years $27.5 million*

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by kjcmeb, Mar 13, 2014.

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    It seems a bit odd that the Redskins would pay $27.5 m for a 32 year old guy to revert to playing in the 3-4 when he’s clearly better in the 4-3.

    Then again it is the Redskins so maybe not so odd after all.
  2. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Him as a 3-4 DE again at least we know he will never get to Romo
  3. Fredd

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    I am going to take this as jones finally listened to someone to start over with the DL...the projected 2013 starters are all gone now (did spencer sign somewhere?). Ware and Hatcher are on the wrong side of 30 and perhaps the little birdy tweeting in jones' ear reminded him that he can't keep paying aging vets.....everyone (me included) wanted Hatcher back if the rumors were true about 3 - 4.5m...they weren't, it was OK to let him go....we all need to do the same with the vitriol towards jones in this case...both ware and hatcher were the right decisions, based on the money...
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    Don't worry. We'll only see him once... He will be injured the 2nd time. Ratliff-itis is hard to cure once you catch it.
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    Anyone have the guaranteed figure on this deal?
  6. Sonny#9

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    This is going to be the real rub. The surface numbers are very much "OMG-LOLZ-Danny-Boy-Overpayz!!!11!!!1," but Allen is very good at managing the cap and giving out good, smart contracts. I am almost certain this contract will be easy to get out of in 2-3 years, if need be. I hate to disappoint many of the members here, but this is not a return to the Cerrato years.
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    That's not at all what I said.
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    I agree that they'll be able to get out of it in 2-3 years, but they still completely overpaid him. Almost 2x more than he would have gotten elsewhere as a *4-3* defensive tackle. Now he's playing 3-4 DE.

    I'm not overly worried about it since I really can't remember the last time the Skins got a former Cowboys player and it really came back to haunt Dallas. Particularly former Dallas D-Linemen like Brandon Noble and Stephen Bowen.

    I think if anything it helps the Eagles and Giants some more. They didn't completely overpay for a player and now Dallas is forced to draft heavily towards the D-Line. And I think the mistake the Cowboys will make in the draft is that they will continue to neglect their corners and safeties because they'll be so focused on the D-Line. And we've got to draft a QB for the future along with get some help at guard.


  9. IrishAnto

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    Well just like the OL from rounds 3 onwards, Dallas hasn’t been good at drafting effectively for the secondary.

    It’s not like we haven’t invested high draft picks and yet it’s still a problem.

    So maybe if we can improve the DL it might improve the Secondary although I’m not confident we can improve the DL enough in one year to see the benefits.
  10. Sonny#9

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    Bowen had a pretty solid year his 1st year with the Skins--notching 6 sacks 41 total tackles (21 solo, 20 ast). Injuries his last 2 years slowed him down. He played with an fairly significant knee injury in 2012, and then played in only 10 games last year.

    With Haslett getting "full control" and wanting a more attacking, 1-gap defense (for whatever that's worth), I think they'll have Hatcher do more of what made him effective last year (read what John Keim had to say here: http://espn.go.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/6144/double-coverage-jason-hatcher-signing).

    So, I am not getting too excited about this right now, I've been down that road far too many times, but it looks like our pass rush will be improved, just how much remains to be seen. Also, I think the defense as a whole will benefit from a one-clear-voice approach, rather than the confusion Shanahan brought.
  11. Zimmy Lives

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    Is no one going to start a Thanks Hatch thread? If not, relegate this thread to the NFL Zone. :D
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    I think we have more philosophical issues when it comes to what positions are important than we do with finding talent. Newman was a good pick. Scandrick, a 4th rounder was a good pick. Jenkins did have 1 incredible year (unfortunately, Wade was the very exact opposite coach he needed).

    But in today's NFL with there being so many passes, particularly short ones to the outside, having a 'cover corner' doesn't really work. The opposing team is going to complete passes because they are high probability throws. Thus, it becomes increasingly more important that the corners be able to bring the ball carrier down quickly rather than back in 1995 when WR's usually ran more deeper pass patterns. The safeties are also asked to do a lot more. They essentially have to be able to play both positions, blitz, play the run, play zone, play over the top, and play man-to-man. Yet, we hope to 'get by' at safety.

    It's just like the O-Line. We neglected the importance of having a good, smart center. Gurode had physical talent, but couldn't make the line calls. And he was good for about 3 awful games a year. We kept blaming the O-Line collectively, the RB's, the coaches, etc...but then you get a good, smart center in Frederick and suddenly the O-Line looks quite good and the guards aren't as big of a problem.

    I see that we have talent on this roster for the past few years, but between organization philosophies that favor the wrong positions and a coaching staff that struggled to consistently put some of these players in the best position to perform well...we end up going 8-8.

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  13. Yakuza Rich

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    Dallas played a 3-4 1-gap under Wade. I think Hatcher was very good once Rob Ryan came in and started him. But, he's a far better 4-3 DT and he was easily paid twice as much as he would have gotten playing as a 3-4 DE in any scheme.

    I've never been impressed with Haslett's defenses. Look at his track record, it's not that great.

  14. IrishAnto

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    Who in this year’s draft do you think would make a difference at safety then if we picked him?

    In addition since we spent a 3rd rounder on Wilcox should we not give him some time to develop especially as he only played the position for one year in college?

    As for Newman he was a good player but not a “play maker” and frankly that’s what you need from the 5th overall pick.

    It’s still early but considering the price we paid to pick him Claiborne hasn’t been one either.

    Again Jenkins didn’t last long enough and there goes another first round pick that the Cowboys can’t get the best out of.

    Not a pretty picture no matter who’s the HC (although the GM remains the same which it think is the ultimate problem).
  15. Sonny#9

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    This all depends on how the contract is structured. Pretty numbers like this are usually nowhere near what the contract is actually worth. But I agree--on the surface this is a gross overpay.

    Only the most ardent of homers are impressed with Haslett's defenses (my preferred name for him last year was "Hasshat"). However, I am more impressed with Haslett's defenses than I am with Shanahans'. There were stories coming out last year, their veracity is debatable, of Shanahan throwing major monkey wrenches in the game plans at last minute, coaches walking out of the meetings in frustration, players thoroughly confused, etc. We can only go up in the defense and special teams areas.
  16. BlueStar22

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    Skins were going after Justin Tuck also before he went to Oakland.
  17. Yakuza Rich

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    Unfortunately, I haven't paid much attention to the draft in the past 3 years due to a busier schedule.

    I don't mind Wilcox and I think he has potential. I don't get the love for Church. I watched All-22 a lot last year and it appeared to me that he was horrendous. Not good in coverage and didn't know what his assignments are. And from hearing Darren Woodson speak, it appears he is hinting at the same thing with Church. He was a very good tackler, though.

    Still, that doesn't make him a good safety.

    I'll take a guy that shut down #1 receivers continually any day. He was flat-out incredible in 2005 and 2006.

    I agree. I think Claiborne is a joke and doesn't fit this scheme whatsoever.

    Outside of Scandrick, they all fit the same mold. 'Cover corners' who don't like to tackle. I think Jenkins would have been better under a different coach. The USF coaches specifically told the team that you have to stay on Jenkins or he'll slip. But if you stay on him you've got an incredible player. 2009 was the season that Wade said he would change his attitude and that was the same great season Jenkins had. Then Wade went back to his old attitude and Jenkins was telling the media that he feels he didn't have to worry about his starting spot on the team. I believe had Jenkins been drafted by somebody like Coughlin he would have had a very good career.

  18. visionary

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    you're on a roll today. I have seen you make these points before as well and they are spot on
    Great posts about our planning and drafting from a scheme standpoint in the thread
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    you are full of crap about Gurode- he did not have 3 awful games a year. Not sure what you were watching but it was not the boys. And frankly making the calls is not that big a deal. He was a very good center for us for a number of years and your BS will not change that FACT.
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