Hatcher: No signs Cowboys wanted me

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    By Calvin Watkins | ESPNDallas.com
    Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher is now a Washington Redskin, after signing a four-year $27.5 million contract on Thursday afternoon.


    Hatcher entered his free agency after reaching the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career, thanks to a career-high 11 sack season with the Cowboys. But the Cowboys, with their limited salary cap space, couldn't afford Hatcher and that seemed to irk the veteran defensive lineman

    "They didn’t show no signs that they wanted me back," Hatcher said in a radio interview on KRLD-FM Dallas/Fort Worth. "I know the fans are upset. They should be. They have all the right in the world to be. But I made the right decision for me. If we could’ve made it work out we would’ve, but I’m in a great place with the Redskins, a great organization. I’m looking forward to getting back to football."

    Hatcher was a productive player and his departure follows the team losing defensive end DeMarcus Ware, who signed a three-year deal worth $30 million on Wednesday.

    The loss of two starters to the defensive line has stunned many Cowboys' fans who have taken to Twitter and sport talk radio to voice their displeasure.

    Ware and Hatcher were two popular players not only in the locker room but the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

    "I just left a great organization," Hatcher told KRLD. "I really appreciate what Jerry Jones and his family did for me. The fans have always been behind me. Things change and you just got to take it in stride, take it all in and get back to playing football."

    He's not the first Cowboys' player to leave for the Redskins in free agency. In 2011, defensive tackle Stephen Bowen signed a five-year $27.5 million deal.
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    Short for "they didn't back up a money truck to my home like I said I wanted all year"
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    You're right, Hatch. At that kind of money there would be no signs that we want you back.
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    Hatcher let it be known early in the offseason that he expected some team to divvy up bigtime. Dallas simply declined on that.
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    Guy went to a three four and turned his plane around from Nashville or Oakland who showed signs they wanted you... What's your point Jason?
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    He can go back into obsecurity in the 3-4 like he did for many years in Dallas.
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    Trust us Jason, the fans aren't really upset.
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    I don't blame Jerry for not signing these older players to these long-term contracts. My problem is if we end up replacing them with bargain budget cheap players.
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    Does this guy where his heart on his sleeve or what?
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    There is no way we would have paid that kind of cash for a guy that played great for half of one season - and a contract season at that. Hatcher is solid but not a superstar and in no way shape or form deserves that kind of pay day. Good for him though. Make that money. I wish him well except when we play his sorry team!
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    He got his money he has been talking about since week 7 lol
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    Idk y he is saying we are upset... im pretty happy we didnt resign him and the redskins WAY overpaid...
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    At that price the Cowboys made the right decision.
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    But he made his money
  15. visionary

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    I like the player but not at this price
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    At least WASH is learning to be a little smarter...
    Bowen 5yrs $27.5
    Hatcher 4yrs $27.5
    ...but I guess the guaranteed money is what really matters.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Absolutely. I have never heard any free agent who signed with a team for next to nothing say "I felt like they wanted me".

    Those that get a lot of money suddenly turn into Sally Field at the Oscars.
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    32 years old, and one solid year which came at age 32.

    $7M/year, regardless of the guaranteed portion, is too much. We need to go in a younger direction with our marquee players. Thanks for your time in Dallas, Jason. Worst of luck in Washington, though. I hope he stays healthy but does absolutely zip like Bowen.

    25,000 posts. Nice.
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    Deserved a like.

    Can't wait until I get that many po........wait a minute. Nevermind.
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