Hatcher: No signs Cowboys wanted me

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by alicetooljam, Mar 14, 2014.

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    What are you talking about? There's been tons of articles written on what his role was in a 3-4 scheme and how it changed in a 4-3 which is why we saw such a dramatic difference in his numbers. His coaches loved him, teammates loved him, and he's been extremely affordable his entire time here. There have never been any complaints about his work ethic. He EARNED his big payday.
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    he was good as a 3-4 DE, but not 6.9m/year good
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    Funny you say that because during the lions press conference a reporter asked Matthew Stafford what the defense of Lineman of the Cowboys were doing, specifically Hatcher, while he leap frogged over them into the end zone to win the game and he replied "psshh, I don't know, probably running his mouth"
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    ok, fine. for sure for sure. he's a valley girl in a clothing store...
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    The Cowboys and Hatch made the best decision for each other, plain and simple. He get paid we get younger.
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    He had a "career" year in 2013, his only one in a 4-3.

    He was a serviceable player in the 3-4 (Wade and RR) but nothing special and not a 7M per year type player.
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    I heard that the coaches weren't happy with Hatcher at times because he freelanced too much trying to put together free-agency game film.

    I also heard that all of his sacks came against teams below .500. Is that true?
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    Hatcher has like 4 or 5 kids. He did the right thing. But if he thinks he is one step closer to winning more..he is in for surprise.
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    It was his second good year, though. He was on his way to similar numbers the previous season, but it was cut short by injury.

    I think Hatcher was a bit of a late-bloomer, not really starting to come into his own until he was re-signed for cheap and moved to the right side of the 3-4. I think his play gets dismissed some because of how slow his career started, but I also do think he was not a good fit for the Parcells-style 3-4.

    Again, that being said, I hope he falls flat in Washington. Not all schemes are going to fit his skill set, and if he has to return to a two-gap 3-4, I don't think he will do well in it.
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    Yes, he was always a decent player in the Wade and RR 3-4 defenses, but just not a 7M per year type.

    Does anybody run a pure 2-gap Parcells type 3-4 anymore?
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    LOL.....27.5 MIL.......buh bye 'Hatch'

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