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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Teague31, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Numbers: As a senior, he started 12 games and registered 71 tackles with 21.5 tackles for loss, 11 sacks and 16 QB hurries. At the Combine, he did 28 reps in the 225-pound bench press and ran a 4.92 40-yard dash with a 35.5-inch vertical jump and a 9-5.
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    impressive numbers
  3. RealCowboyfan

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    NFL NETWORK HAD CLIPS... hell with ESPN...

    He runs a 4.83
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    4.83 ! At 280+ ! WOW.
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    This guy seems to be a freak of nature.

    Over 280 pounds, but still has some great speed. Strength is pretty damn good too at 28 reps. Vertical is pretty impressive.

    Seems like he has all the immeasurables.

    Our DLine could be nasty next year.

    We can send them in wave after wave...
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    His vertical at that size is impressive.
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    Exactly, just like in the 90s. Deep D-line to go for the kill in the 4th quarter. NFC East QBs beware!
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    I seen him in the clips on NFL Network, I know it was against lesser talent but he looked like a monster. His movements were similar to Canty he looks like his clone
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    Kinda reminds me of another player we once took ... Leon Lett.
  10. CowboyWay

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    Jay Cutler benched 225 24 times.

    This guy has bust written all over him. I got no problem taking a risk on players, but only after the 4th round. YOU DO NOT TAKE A RISK WITH YOUR 3RD ROUND PICK WHEN YOU ARE A TEAM WHO HAS NEEDS.
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    What jersey # did he wear?
  12. proline

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    The scouting report on him from nfl.com just raves about his athletic ability, hands, strength, and smarts. The only real knock on him is use of leverage and not staying focused every play. Here's one quote from the review

    "He is a raw, developmental prospect that will need a season to improve his play with leverage and become more consistently aggressive with his hands vs. blocks in order to play up to his natural strength, but he should develop into this player if he goes to a team that is patient with him and gives him time to develop. He will most likely need to go to NFL Europe in 2007 to gain playing experience to become the good starting defensive lineman he will eventually be."

    And here's a link to the full review.

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