Hate to admit it: Anthony Spencer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. guag

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    Where's AdamJT when you need him?
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  2. thunderpimp91

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    Shaun Phillips has primarily ben a 3-4 player throughout his career. He gets his sacks, but isn't known as great pass rusher, and id be shocked if he signed another 1 year $1Million deal. He wont demand Demarcus Ware money, but someone will pay him, likely a 3-4 team. I wouldn't be mad if Dallas signed him on the cheap, as he would be very useful in a DE rotation, I just don't understand all the love for him. Average player on the wrong side of 30.
  3. WPBCowboysFan

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    Absolutely. It seems Dallas would be the best place for him. I would think we would be more willing to work with him on a fair deal for both.

    Why would any other team gamble on him at this point? We know there are foolish FA signings every year so its not a given that all teams will make a good decision about signing him. If all the other teams make a wise decision about him, he likely ends up here if he is physically able to play next year.
  4. boysfanindc

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    He played for $1M last year in Denver.
  5. bbailey423

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    Not a fan of this at all. When Spencer "returned" last year. He looked like a DT...not a DE. I don't care that his injury prevented him from running. When you are a "professional", you find other ways to get your job done. PLENTY of other athletes have found ways to stay in shape when faced with similiar circumstances...and PLENTY have not. He CHOSE the latter. He may not have come back in ultimate shape...but there was no excuse for him letting himself go like he did. That speaks to the "will" inside him. TIme to move on. These guys have had there chance.

    People have to understand what Marinelli is trying to do. He wants as many explosive energetic bodies he can get. And they will share snaps. No more overpaid guys..."playing through injury"....gassed in the 4th quarter because they refuse to come off the field.....racing upfield wide of the OT trying to pad a potential HOF resume on every play. Even when it is CLEAR based on down and distance that the opposition is taking 3 step drops....I have witnessed our former HOF DE attempt to rush the passer as if the oppostion was taking a 7 step drop. Often leaving gaping holes for a RB to slip through....or allowing QBs to complete slants and dumpoffs....instead of trying to bat the ball down. You have to watch other teams...that are well coached....and have disciplined players...who are trying to WIN (not pad stats)...to understand where I am coming from.
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  6. LatinMind

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    Stay away from Spencer. He's a walking IR waiting to happen. Those that keep on with the sign Spencer to a small deal need to look up some readings on the kind of surgery he had and the lack of success players have had coming back from this. And actually how rare it is. This is more of a basketball injury.
  7. Little Jr

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    he cant even pass a physical right now. i dont see them bringing him back if they do it wont be anytime soon.
  8. thunderpimp91

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    Yes but why would he sign that cheap again? He's getting interest from multiple teams.
  9. Hoofbite

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    No need to even go the route of Melton.

    Spencer is playing on borrowed time.

    Take a small 2-3 year deal or don't.
  10. Next Years Champ

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    It's not hate.

    Don't hate him.

    But like Ratliff, who poisoned the defense with his behavior of taking the money and then trumping up his release to escape with his paycheck without any payback..

    Spencer seems cut from the same cloth. Ware was also.

    This invested fans don't go for that.

    I really don't want the drama of his return and weekly summary judgments in the media about whether or not the team made the right decision.

    Move on.
  11. fifaguy

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    we paid him enough already..
  12. khiladi

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    So many memories of QBs having picnics in the pocket are coming back to me...
  13. boysfanindc

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    He had better stats in 2012, then last year and signed for a million and he is a year older.
  14. ninja

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    Is he still limping around? Come talk to me after he is able to do some wind sprints and is cleared for contact. Otherwise, hit the road.
  15. thunderpimp91

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    Reports were he had bigger offers , but he took less money because he wanted to play for Denver. Now coming off a decent year from as far as stats go, and showing he can play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 he probably will be looking for one last big contract, or another shot with a top tier contender. Dallas has little money, and an 8-8 record, neither would be appealing to him.
  16. stasheroo

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    Good times, good times...

    (For THEM I mean!)

    Dare I bring up Tony Brackens IR would that be too much too soon?
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  17. KDM256

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    Cowboys need to look away from Spencer despite what some of you guys say...

    Spencer & Ratliff took us to the cleaners although they might have been great players for this team years past but it still doesn't change the fact both of those guys took us to the cleaners last year and wasn't anywhere to be found on our defensive line.

    Fool us Once Shame On You
    Fool us Twice Shame on Me
  18. boysfanindc

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    The boys have the cap space that would be required to sign Phillips should they be so inclined. It does not appear they are so inclined so the point is probably moot. But either way Phillips is not going to get big dollars, he probably could be had at 1-2M IMHO.
  19. Rockytop6

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    Me too, except with different dollar figures.
  20. thunderpimp91

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    True we're arguing something that likely wont matter. That's the offseason for you lol

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