Haunting Song

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    "Hurt" by Johnny Cash

    This poignant performance of Nine Inch Nail's, "Hurt" is almost haunting, as it was recorded just prior to Cash's untimely death. Whether or not a Johnny Cash fan, this performance is powerful and deep with emotion. Produced by Rick Rubin, The Man Comes Around is the fourth and final Grammy Award-winning album Cash and Rubin have collaborated on.


    RIP Johnny Cash, the best country singer of all time.
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    The Nine Inch Nails version is much better IMO. Especially live from the And All That Could Have Been cd.


    I have no idea how to put up youtube videos on this site.
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    When I saw haunting song I thought you were talking about this song... ;)

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    ^ I said Haunting Music, not Garbage music. ;)
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    I've never been much for Johnny Cash. But this and God's Gonna Cut You Down are fantastic covers.

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